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Top 5 Online Business Ideas in the UK that You Can Start Today

In today’s Internet-connected age, nearly everything we do in our daily lives can be done online. From buying food to booking flights, the things we can do online encompass all aspects of modern life. We can even rent other people’s cars via Uber, and rent other people’s houses via Airbnb if we’re traveling. As more and more technology startups are popping up, the number of things we can do online will only continue to grow. In that regard, why not cash in to the tech industry? If others are doing it, then certainly you can too. And it’s hard to run out of options; these days there are lots and lots of online business ideas in the UK that you can start yourself.


online business ideas in the UK

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UK small business planning

Top 5 Business Ideas in the UK You Can Start Offline!

Starting an online business in the UK is not the only way to make money. Although we are living in the digital world, there are other opportunities to earn without using the internet. If you look around, you will notice that there are still lots of booming offline businesses. You may have not seen them because you’re too busy finding online business ideas in the UK.

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Think outside the box. There are so many possibilities that you can explore for your next home based business. The following are the top 5 offline business ideas in the UK that don’t need a hefty amount of capital.


1.  Property

business ideas in the UK offline

Businesses involving properties are lucrative. No wonder many people choose this kind of industry. When I say businesses in relation to properties, I don’t mean property investments. You don’t have to buy real estate then sell or lease it later to engage in this kind of business. You can simply offer services such as property maintenance, property management, home staging, and landscaping.  


2.  Automotive

offline business ideas in the UK

The automotive industry is one of the best ways to make money, and you don’t necessarily have to do it online. You don’t have to manufacture and sell cars just to be part of the automotive industry. Instead of producing cars, you can render services like car delivery and rental, vehicle repair and storage, and valet parking. These are just some of the many business ideas in the UK for the automotive industry.


3.  Business to Business

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After years or decades of being an entrepreneur, you can operate your small business in the UK even with your eyes closed. Why not take your entrepreneurial skills one notch higher by becoming a business coach? There are many people who will pay just to hear you talk about your small business in the UK.

If you are a specialist, but you no longer belong to a corporation, you can start a home based business using your skills. You can still continue to offer your services such as bookkeeping, sales and marketing, and credit control without having to commute to your office. Hence, you can earn a living without having to leave home.  

4.  Childcare and Education

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Most parents settling in the UK have full-time jobs. They are already out of their homes in the morning and return late in the evening. They can’t bring their kids to work and so they hire trusted and qualified carers to look after their children. Because of this demand, you may want to offer services as a babysitter or a personal tutor.


5.  Home Help Services

laundry services

People are busy with their work that they don’t have time to take care of their homes and do the chores. On weekdays, they are barely around and return home dead tired. Then, on weekends, they spend most of the time sleeping and relaxing. If you want to provide a solution to the problem, you can offer laundry and cleaning services, to name a few. Your target clients are professionals who have the means to pay others to perform household services.

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Setting Goals for your Home Based Business in the UK {Video}

Starting a home based business in the UK has a lot of advantages. First, you can work at your own time and pace. Second, you don’t have a boss breathing down your neck. Third, you don’t have to endure the daily rush hour traffic. Finally, you can earn a hefty pay.

Although working at home has a lot of advantages, it also has some disadvantages. One is that you are prone to distractions, harming your productivity. Also, your home might not be ideal for working.

home based business in the uk

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Home Business Idea in the UK: Passive Income from Articles {Video}

Do you have a talent for writing? Are you passionate about it? If you answered “yes” to both questions, then a good home business idea in the UK that you can capitalise on is writing articles. You can acquire decent profit from it. You can also have a flexible work schedule. Further, you can choose projects according to your whims.

When writing articles, you receive a lump sum payment. But do you know that you can still use your articles to generate passive income?

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What do we mean by passive income? It is one received regularly by exerting little effort or none at all. Now isn’t that nice for a home business idea in the UK? Watch the video for some quick tips on how to acquire passive income through your articles.



For a more detailed explanation of each tip, read it here.


You can start your online business now just by writing articles. Aside from the upfront pay, you can also earn passive income from your articles, which is great! You can earn even while not working!


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It’s Not Too Late for You to Start Your Business in the UK! {Infographic}

Time for another #Wednesday #Infographic!

Do you think you’re already too old to start your business in the UK? Think again!

There’s more to life even after reaching your prime. There are still a lot of opportunities in store for you than you could possibly imagine. One of which is running your own successful business.

starting an online business uk

If you feel hopeless to find work, want to earn additional income, or even a career shift, having your own home based business may do well for you. Regardless of your age, it’s not too late to start your business in the UK. Let these success stories of 5 business giants who started after the age of 50 inspire you.

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5 Questions You Need to Answer When Starting Your Own Business in the UK

Starting your own business in the UK can be stressful. Aside from finding your office space, securing business permits, and hiring co-workers, you also have to prepare a plan. You need to map out where you want your business to go and how much income will it make five years or so from now. However, let’s backtrack a little. 

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Since you’re still in the initial phase of running a home based business, you have to answer the following questions honestly and carefully.

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Top 5 Must-Have Mindsets for a Successful Business in the UK

Not all entrepreneurs are created equal. They come from different countries and age groups. Some are born rich, while others are not. Some have college or university degrees, while others dropped out from school.

successful business in the UK

Although there is no blueprint on how to be a successful home-based business owner, one thing’s for sure. Everyone who wants to have a successful business in the UK needs these five must-have mindsets.


1.  Have a Clear Mind

Entrepreneurs can think clearly and absorb information about different home business ideas in the UK if they have a clear mind. Moreover, they must develop the ability not to worry about anything that might go wrong in their businesses.


If they constantly worry, they can’t sleep well at night, which will greatly affect their efficiency in managing their home based businesses. In turn, this is very detrimental to having a successful online business in the UK.


2.  Be a Good Communicator

Entrepreneurs are expected to possess good communications skills.

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They may have the best home business ideas in the UK; however, if they don’t know how to share these ideas with their clients and employees, they will have a big problem. They will miss many opportunities of becoming a successful business in the UK.

Business owners can’t get away from communication, whether it be verbal or written. In managing a small business consulting in the UK, they always need to interact with many people, oftentimes on a daily basis. Part of their job is writing letters and talking to customers. As business coaches, they also have to give speeches. That’s why they need to master the art of communication.


3.  Be Self-Motivated

Business persons should inspire and drive themselves to work to achieve financial freedom. They should not rely on other people to cheer and motivate them. Their friends and their family may not always be around especially when they face challenges and doubts in starting an online business in the UK or pursuing their passive income ideas online.

its not too young to start a business uk

There may be times when they will be alone. Thus, they have to push themselves to continue their dream of a successful business in the UK without asking for others’ help.


4.  Be Consistent

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Putting a small business consulting in the UK to the top spot is hard. However, keeping it on that spot is more difficult. This is where consistency plays a crucial role. The best entrepreneurs are those who are unfailing in executing their plans, persuading others to believe in them, and growing the company. It’s a decision and a commitment to continue the business and work hard daily.    


5.  Have a Strong Desire To Succeed

The best way to make money online is to have a burning desire to accomplish something. Founders of businesses succeed because they are passionate about making their dreams come true.

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No matter how many times they fail, they get up and relentlessly carry out their plans. They are not afraid to be joked about or be the laughing stock. They just focus on their home business ideas in the UK and how to make them work.


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Regardless of the type of business you want to create, make sure to possess these 5 characteristics to become a successful entrepreneur. Don’t forget to apply for our newsletter at or log on to


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