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Here are 10 Ways To Succeed, According to Jack Ma

Everybody likes some inspiration. So, here are a few things you can learn from Jack Ma, owner of the online empire Alibaba, which is worth 23.4 billion US dollars.

Like many famous entrepreneurs, Jack Ma had very humble beginnings. He didn’t know any English before, so he had to learn it literally the hard way. He used to give his services for free as a tour guide for foreigners in China. He took on that challenge for years, just so he could learn English. Eventually, he established his company Alibaba.

Jack Ma owes his status now to his 10 rules for success.

Get used to rejection

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Jack Ma applied for several different jobs and got rejected in all of them. He even applied for a job at KFC, and the sad thing is this: 24 people went to the interview, and 23 were accepted. Ma was the only one rejected.

But through these failures, Jack Ma learned to stand strong. He did not give up his dreams despite his failures. Which makes sense, because how else can you succeed if you just give up?

In your UK small business ventures, people may reject you. People may think you’ll fail. But don’t let them influence you. Don’t let these words convince you to stop. Keep doing what you must do!

Keep your dream alive

Jack Ma says that the “secret code” for Alibaba’s success is to keep the dream alive, “because it might come true someday.”

What better thing to keep you driven than your dream? It may not have come true yet, but soon it will. If you keep working towards it, you will soon make it happen!

Focus on culture

Every good company has its core values. In Jack Ma’s company, the culture they promote is to help others, not just to make money. If your people focuses on your core values first, the company will move forward, and money will follow suit. Chasing after money alone may make you “rich”, but it won’t make your company successful.


Ignore the “little man”

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The “little man” is also known as that someone who tells you that your idea is a waste of time, or foolish, or anything along those lines. Don’t let yourself, or your business, be influenced by the likes of them. They will only make you feel bad, and they will only pull you down. Ignore them, and focus on what you want to achieve. Focus on bringing the best product or service you can come up with to your clients.

Get inspired

Take inspiration from other successful people. There’s always something you can learn from them. The stories of those who came before you and succeeded contain valuable lessons. It’s always good to know how they got there, and what it took for them to succeed.

You can even take inspiration from famous movies, just like Jack Ma does. He took inspiration from the film “The Godfather”, as he said in one interview. Indeed, good movies can teach us many good life lessons.

Stay focused

Jack Ma says he’s turned down a lot of opportunities to make money before. If it is isn’t in line with Alibaba’s mission, then he rejects the idea outright.

True enough, it’s easy to get sidetracked with many so-called “golden opportunities” that can potentially make lots of money. Sure, they may make you a lot of money, but if it drives you away from your company’s overall goals, it isn’t a good thing in the end. Stuff like that are not worth pursuing.

Have a good name

It’s important to have a name that everyone can remember easily. Clients must always associate that name with your business. Without that brand recognition, your business won’t be at the top.

Customers are #1

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Customers should always be your top priority. Your business does not exist to serve yourself; it exists to serve your customers. They are the ones that pay your bills, and they’re the ones that keep your business up and running. So focus on providing them with your very best.


Don’t complain; Look for opportunities

Complainers always focus on the problem, and have quite a pessimistic view of life. However, problems themselves are not all bad. Problems lead to opportunities, and if you can see those opportunities, then you can capitalise on them. So don’t just look at the problem, but also find the opportunity within the problem.

Have passion

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Believing in what your business can do is just as important. If you don’t lead your business with passion, then your team may not be inspired to do a good job. But if you consistently show that you’re committed and driven to succeed, your team will feel that way themselves. Passion is contagious, so pass it on to your people.


Do you have these ten qualities? If not, better learn from a person who already is considered one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. These values will not only make you money; they will also allow your company to leave a good legacy.


Need an extra dose of inspiration? This video gives you five more tips in succeeding in your UK home business. Give it a watch.


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