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2 Kinds of Product Reviews You Can Write

A few days ago, you learned about why you should write product reviews, as well as their non-negotiable elements. Now, it’s time to tell you about two different types of product reviews you can write.


1.  The In-Depth Review

Here, you write about one product, and focus only on that one product. Mention everything you can about the product, from the outside to the inside. As much as possible, cover all aspects of the product.

Let’s say you’re reviewing a new smartphone. You can start with describing the phone’s appearance, its size, weight, screen resolution, and even where the volume buttons are located. For some people, it’s also important to note where the camera lens is positioned: is it centred, or on the left or right side? You could also say if the phone has a removable back cover and battery, among other things.

Once you’re done with the physical aspects, you can then dive into the internal specs. These include the phone’s processor, internal memory, RAM, operating system, and the rest. Most customers care more about the internal workings of a product (especially electronic devices), so make sure to give justice to them. Put the product to the test, and see how far it can go.

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Then, take every result you gathered, and turn them into an overall summary. Does the product perform as advertised? Is it worth the price? If you were satisfied with the product, give a good recommendation to your readers. But of course, don’t be biased; if the product has shortcomings, mention them along with its good bits.

Finally, adding a numerical rating is quite helpful. Whether it’s a scale of 1-5 or 1-10, or even 1-100, it’s your choice.


2.  The Side-by-Side Comparison

Comparisons can be as simple as a table with a list of specifications. Take two or more products, put them next to each other, and come up with something like this:

product reviews comparison

Photo credit: PhoneArena


This gives your readers a really easy way to compare how two or more products stack up against each other. However, tabulated comparisons like this can get very technical, and not many people may appreciate that. If your readers don’t understand what all those technical aspects mean, they will just click away.

To avoid this, accompany your table with some text – sort of like an in-depth review, but with only the necessary details that you’re comparing. Otherwise, you’ll end up doing two in-depth reviews in one article; and that will look overbearing.

Another method you can do is to add comparisons to an in-depth review. Let’s say you found that the smartphone you’re evaluating has pretty bad camera hardware. You could then chime in another phone which has a better quality camera that’s only, say, £20 more in price. That would give your readers a choice when camera quality is critical to their buying decisions.



With that, I’m quite sure that you’re now ready to write your own product reviews. Whether it’s a in-depth review or a comparison, just make sure of one thing: that your review will enable your readers to make more informed buying decisions. Always make that your goal when writing reviews.


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