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3 Advantages of PayPal for Buyers

Last time, we talked about the advantages of using PayPal for sellers. It’s a convenient payment system that’s in use worldwide. Because it’s widely accepted, and it manages most of the payment process for you, it’s such a relief to make use of it in your UK online business.

But of course, it goes both ways. PayPal also offers advantages for buyers as well. So if you’re the buyer, you are assured that your finances are safe because of the following:


Credit card details not shown to merchant

When you buy from an online seller using PayPal, all you need is your email address and password to make the payment. Your credit card details are securely stored within your PayPal account, so there is no need to disclose your card numbers to every seller you buy from. Also, this setup better protects your credit cards from getting hacked.

It’s also really convenient. Each time you buy something online, you don’t need to take out your actual card to get the numbers and input them one by one. Once you’re logged in to your PayPal account, you can pay right away in just a few clicks.

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Allows multiple credit cards

Another convenience is that you can add more than one credit card to your PayPal account. So if you have a problem with one card, you can easily switch to another one. As above, none of the information on both cards are visible to the merchant when you make payments.


Buyer protection

This applies to physical products that should be shipped to your address. If your order doesn’t come in, or you receive the wrong item, you’re eligible for a refund. PayPal allows you up to 180 days to lodge a complaint, giving enough time to get your money back.

By “wrong item”, that could mean one of many things:

  1. the item you got is different from the one described by the seller (i.e. you ordered a 32GB SD card but only got a 16GB one);
  2. it’s of the wrong quantity, such as an item sold as a pack of 3 but only arrived as a pack of 2;
  3. the item is defective.

Another clear advantage is that buyers will more easily trust you if you offer PayPal as a payment option. Again, it’s a very widely accepted, internationally recognised payment system, so that in itself is a big plus.


Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by PayPal or any of its affiliates.


Of course, when logging into your PayPal account, you need a password. Since it’s your credit cards at stake here, make sure your password isn’t one of these:

3 Types of Passwords NOT to use, ever


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3 Advantages of PayPal for Buyers
Article Name
3 Advantages of PayPal for Buyers
PayPal is an internationally recognised and widely used payment system. As a customer, here are some advantages it can offer.

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