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3 Things Your Website Needs to be Effective

Gone are the days of traditional media (i.e. television, radio, and print) dominating the advertising realm. Though they are still useful today, there is something far better. Thanks to our connected world, the greatest advertising tool you have is your website.

“So I just create a website and that’s it?”

Absolutely not! You can’t just “make a website” and expect your business to grow overnight. Nothing ever works that way. Your website must have the right elements and design, so it can attract customers and get them to make purchases.

To give you a head start, here are three things your website needs to be effective.


Mobile responsiveness

Data from StatCounter shows that in October 2016, 51.3% of worldwide internet traffic is from mobile devices. It has already surpassed that of desktops by 2.6%. Indeed, the smartphone is now the device of choice of most people to access the web.

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Why? Convenience. You can bring your phone anywhere you are, and it’s faster to just browse the web on it than to boot up your PC and do the same there. And because internet access is almost ubiquitous, it’s no wonder people are on their phones nearly all the time.

With that in mind, your UK online business has to keep up. A typical modern website is no longer “typical” if it isn’t mobile-responsive. In short, the site has to adjust its format depending on the device it’s being read in. So it’s a different format for PCs, different for phones, and also slightly different for tablets.

If your site isn’t mobile responsive, and people visit it on their phones, they’ll be scrolling and swiping frantically just to read the content properly. That’s a big downer, and more often than not people will just simply navigate away. Would be a shame to lose customers this way, isn’t it?

(Want to know more about how mobile responsive websites work? Watch a short video about it here.)



Of course, your website must be informative. Thing is, you can get carried away and provide too much information. And too much of anything is a bad thing; clearly customers don’t want to be bombarded with too much stuff to mentally process. That would be another reason for them to navigate away.

Yes, your product may be as good as you describe it. But really, your website is an advertisement, not a white paper. Being gratuitous with words will get you nowhere. Rather, it just drives people away. Tell you the truth, scammers do the same thing. And they’re even more over-the-top with their product confidence. Don’t be like them; otherwise people will think you are one of them.

There’s also the temptation to flood the site with technical details. Really, there’s no need; reserve those for the product manuals. Just include information that’s relevant to the customers. Structure the site in a way that will convince customers that your product is worth buying, and why yours stands out from the competition.

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Here’s a tip: Use plain English.

Use words that everyone can understand. You can be informative without filling your website with jargon. If you must use jargon, help people understand what it is. Use examples, analogies, and real-world applications. Get people to appreciate everything you’re telling them.

Call to Action

Last but not the least, you would want your customers to buy from you, right? Certainly you do. Which is why you need to tell them. That’s the idea behind a call to action: you’re telling people what to do next, after reading all that information about your product.

What should the call to action be?

Anything. It could be “Click here to buy now”, or simply “Buy Now”. Or if you want to be more subtle, it could be “Get the free report now” after people have entered their name and email address. That would depend on your marketing strategy. It could even be both a purchase and a bonus information call to action on different parts of your website.

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(Wondering why the call to action is needed? Here’s a previous article I wrote about exactly that.)
These are just the basics of a good website; there are others, which include good colour schemes, geometry, shadows, contrast, and other design principles. It’s also important to integrate good design into your website, because it’s a visual space. People have to like what they see so they will want to keep scrolling down.

Start making your website your most effective marketing tool today!



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