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Top 4 Ways to Earn From Clickbank UK On Your Site

Yesterday, we talked about the 5 steps of getting started with affiliate marketing. One of the platforms I mentioned was Clickbank UK, so today, I’m giving you some tips for making money using it.

Once you have signed up for an account, and picked products to promote, you can then start generating what are known as HopLinks, which are essentially the affiliate links Clickbank generates for you.

(If you’d like to know more about picking the best products, watch this video. And for a more in-depth discussion on HopLinks, check out this entry from the Clickbank Knowledge Base.)

So, now what? Well, what comes next is a matter of getting people to buy through your affiliate links. Here are four ways to achieve that.

1.  Banner Adverts

This is perhaps the easiest way, but it’s also the least effective. All you have to do is to create small clickable banners, containing your HopLink, to your website. Areas to place banners in include your homepage and on articles having topics related to the product. But since the web is so inundated with banner advertising already, most people just ignore them outright. And with the advent of ad blockers, most likely your ads won’t appear anyway.

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But banner adverts are not entirely bad. As long as they’re unobtrusive, they may still make a few conversions here and there. However, banners should not be the only method you employ. It’s best to combine banner adverts with other methods as well.

2.  In-Content Links

These are when you put your affiliate links within your content. All you do is type in a line of text that mentions the product, and link that text to your affiliate link. It isn’t an outright advertisement for the product, but it still serves as a way to promote them as a part of related content. The link is somewhat integrates with the content, so it appears more “native” and less like an obvious advert. This would be a good method to use if you have a large audience, especially if you have a group of subscribers that trust you a lot.

Clickbank UK affiliate link

Example of an in-content link. (Photo credit: Authority Hacker)


The main drawback of an in-content recommendation is the lack of prominence. They won’t catch the attention of everybody. It only attracts readers who pay more attention to detail.

3. Product Reviews

Reviews work wonders, because they give readers a chance to make informed buying decisions. If you happen to be an authority on the niche of the product, then it adds further credibility to your reviews.

When doing this though, it’s important to be unbiased. Present both the good and not so good sides of the product. Just take a look at product reviews on technology sites like Engadget:

Clickbank UK product review

(Photo credit: Engadget)


They present both the pros and cons of the product. If all you present are the pros, your “review” will look more like an endorsement. Worse is some people may even think that it’s a paid endorsement by the vendor. Having that hunch alone will make most people want to click away.

But if you present both the pros and cons, you give people an idea of the entirety of the product. Again, people read reviews to make informed buying decisions, so they would want all bases covered. It makes you more trustworthy, and in turn, your content more shareable.

One piece of advice by Authority Hacker is not to craft the review as a sales pitch. Instead, be genuine. Write a review intended to educate people about a product, not to sell it outright. Of course, you can still add your affiliate link somewhere near the end of the review; just don’t put it on top.

4.  Add Bonuses

Bonuses give additional value to the products you promote. At the same time, it incentivises people to buy from your affiliate link. As an example, suppose you’re promoting a camera. You could then say, “If you buy now, you’ll get a digital photography handbook absolutely free!” Many buyers even actively look for offers such as that. Customers love finding added value; it greatly influences their purchasing decisions. In fact, if you were the customer, I’m sure you would want that too. So, why not offer the same thing to your potential customers?

Clickbank UK bonuses

The most important thing to note about these techniques is that none of them are good by themselves. As much as you can, use them together, and as said in yesterday’s article, track your analytics and keep improving. Affiliate marketing can be quite a competitive field, but if you constantly keep pace with the latest trends, you will make money through it. Also keep on watching the stats of the product you’re promoting in the Clickbank UK marketplace. The numbers may change at a moment’s notice. Once they do, adjust your strategy accordingly.

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