Perhaps, you have this thought that an original and unique idea is all it takes to make a winning product. Maybe you have this notion that when you come up with an idea, you can already jump the gun, create your own product successfully and expect a good turnout of sales after. Many people have gone broke exactly because of this misconception.

Although having an idea is great and important, it is not enough to make your product a huge hit and take your business to great heights or start an online business that is right away productive. 

Clearly, you want to create a product that will generate a fortune for your business. That’s why I’m sharing with you these simple and easy to follow tips.

1. Know the Needs of the Market

No matter how excellent or skilfully crafted your product may be, no person will buy it if he or she doesn’t need it.

All those sleepless nights, and the grueling hours and effort will just go to waste if your product becomes a flop, because nobody finds it necessary.     A product development workflow diagram written on yellow sticky

Identifying the market’s necessity is a crucial strategy when it comes to making sales or closing deals. You have to conduct some research on what problems or areas of concern people need a solution for. Once you’ve created a product according to the market’s needs, it will not be a waste of your time and energy because people will buy it. Before wasting time and effort on creating a product, do research to determine if there is demand.

True enough, having the knack and the creativity to make a product is admirable. However, if your knack and creativity don’t translate into revenue, what you’ve been doing all along is just a hobby. Keep this in mind that the reason you wanted to create your own product in the first place is to make an income out of it. 

2. Find Your Prospects

Perform a market study about who are your potential customers or clients. Learn about their occupation, where they live, their estimated income, why they want to buy your product and such other things that would enable you to know them better. If your prospective customers or clients are companies, corporations or firms, you should find out what types of businesses are they running, and who their decision makers are. Aside from those things, you should also look out for the types of media they habitually use and utilise those as your channels to get your ads noticed.

A good way to do this is to think like your potential customer, ask yourself why would you want this product or service, what is in it for me?

3. Build Your Product   

Analyzing Empty Vs Full Shopping Baskets, Most Profitable Niches

Now that you’ve identified the needs of the market and your possible buyers, it’s time to start creating your own product.

This is where you showcase your imagination, your inventiveness, and your dexterity in making a product that people will demand for tremendously.

In developing your product, always remember your purpose, which is to produce huge profits for your business. You can build your product yourself or get someone else to produce it for you, this is true of any product be it physical or electronic. I’ll provide more information and resource in later articles.

4. Test Your Product

Let people test your product so they can give feedback on what needs to be improved before you sell it in the market. Give out samples to people and get their reaction. You can even have your acquaintances try your product. If the responses are positive, then you’re good to go to create your own product.

A tip here, give your new product for free on condition the recipient will review the product for you, that’s the trade off for giving away your sweat and toil.

5. Pre-Launch Your Product

Invite people to your event (this can be through a special website sales page or even a video launch), it doesn’t have to be a physical launch event. If you are able, create a video to demonstrate the product so that prospects get to know your product up close or your online business. Also, give a short talk and article (press release) on why they really need to buy your product and publish it. 

To learn  more and learn how to copy this and other ideas from an expert about starting an online business, check out below.

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