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5 Tips to Keep Your Mind Healthy When Working on Your UK Home Business

For many who are working on their own UK home business, the challenge of working alone for long periods of time can become unsettling. Here are five techniques that will help you keep you motivated and productive.

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1. Have a change of scenery

A common problem when you’re working on your UK home business is the isolation and lack of scenery. You will wake up in your house, then eat, work, and sleep in the same 4 walls. When you are so committed to building up your small business, it can be very easy to not leave your house for a few days.

To avoid this, work in a different location as often as you can, wherever it’s practical. Ideally, you should do this at least a couple of times a week. It could be something as simple as just going to your local coffee shop. That simple change of scenery will have an amazing effect on your mindset and productivity.

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2.  Escape the computer

Once you have finished your allotted work for the day, switch off your computer. I don’t mean close the lid of your laptop; really click on ‘Shut Down’. Also, do not touch it again until the morning.
This act alone will provide a clear mental cut-off point when your work ends and your personal time begins. It also places an obstacle in the way that makes it more difficult to “just check email”. Plus, it also gives your computer – and your eyes – a rest.

Now go do something else. Do anything that doesn’t involve the computer.



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3.  Take a break

A great work principle is to set a timer, in order that you can focus for a set period of time. Let’s say you’re looking for good tips to improve your UK home business. Having a set time, where you completely focus your effort and attention on your work, will make you more productive. You can start with 50 minutes focussed effort then take a 10-minute break. Remember one of the reasons you started your home based business was that you can work at your own pace and in a way that suits you.

A good method is to set an alarm at 50 minutes, then another after the 10 minute break. Get up, make a drink, have a look at the papers or social networks. Then, after 10 minutes, get back to it. As you get more versed in this you can extend the focus time to 90 mins or two hours, then take a longer break, say 20 minutes.

This break regime can help you enormously, but you do need to be disciplined! Never let your “short” break turn into two hours!


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4.  Create boundaries

One common problem with working from home is that friends and family can mistake you as being always available. Perhaps it’s to pop over to them for lunch, or run them to the shops, because you “don’t have to get back to the office”.
It’s important that you set expectations right from the beginning. Explain to your friends and family that you still need to be “at work” during the day, even if you’re not in an office. Also, you yourself must be disciplined and walk this talk. Don’t be tempted to say it’s okay just this once – that’s the slippery slope to no work, no productivity, and thus no income for your UK home business.


small business ideas5.  Stick to a regular routine

Set your alarm and get up at the same time every day. Treat working from home as you would if you were leaving the house. Get dressed, make your bed, eat breakfast. If possible, leave the house briefly. Buy a coffee, do the school run, or go for a brisk ten minute walk. After that, get back to your workstation sit down and start your working day.

If you can be disciplined like this and focussed, you’ll start your day with energy, stay motivated, and thus maintain excellent productivity.


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