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AUTHOR’S PICK: 5 UK Home Business Ideas You Can Start Offline

Happy Sunday to everyone! If you can remember, I mentioned in yesterday’s Author’s Pick that we’ll be talking more about some offline UK home business ideas today.

Even in the era of online business, there are still some things you can do offline. Of course, not all products and services can be delivered digitally. So then, here are a few offline UK home business ideas for you.


Language tutor

If you’re a fluent or native English speaker, and you’re willing to share your language skills, this is a great UK home business idea for you. There are lots of foreigners who are willing to pay good money to sharpen their English-speaking skills.UK home business ideas offline

You can meet your clients in a coffee shop, then engage them in casual conversation, or you could conduct a more structured, classroom-type approach.

And you don’t have to worry about prior teaching experience. What’s important is that you can communicate effectively with your students. Of course, they in turn, should be able to apply the lessons they learned from you.

Portrait photographer

Are you a shutterbug who loves to take photos of people? If the answer is yes, then this is a chance for you to establish your portrait photography business.

Although a lot of people nowadays own digital cameras, they still prefer to have their photos taken by a professional photographer.  Rather than digital photos, they want to preserve their most precious memories in print.

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These events could be anything, from the christening of your next door neighbour to the 85th birthday of your officemate’s grandmother. Depending on your current budget, you could either set up a photography studio at home, or initially accept house calls.

There’s more! Click here to find more offline UK home business ideas.

There are many more good UK home business ideas out there. Among them is this one.

What is it? Head over to to find out more. You can also copy his online business idea that’s proven to work!

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