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Top 8 Stats to Consider When Picking Products on Clickbank

In Clickbank, there are thousands upon thousands of products you can choose from. They span many categories from Arts to Travel. Each product has its own ins and outs, and you can weigh those out using the various statistics each product has.

Take note of these eight useful stats when picking your products, as well as what each one means.


1.  Gravity

This is a proprietary Clickbank algorithm that measures how popular a product is amongst affiliates. Generally, products with higher gravity are more popular, and so affiliates can earn more commissions through them. However, too high a gravity value means that there is too much competition for that product.

As a rule of thumb, as much as possible choose products with a gravity of 50-100.


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2.  Initial $/sale

For products that are one-off purchases, this is the average amount affiliates earn for every sale of the product. A rule of thumb here is to go for products with at least $13 for the initial $/sale.


3.  Avg $/sale

For products with recurring billings, this value is like #2, but taking into consideration the rebills. For one-off products, this is the same as #2, as with the rule of thumb.


4.  Avg %/sale

This value tells you the average commission rate affiliates earn for all sales of a product. If it features recurring billings, this value also considers the commissions from rebills.

A rule of thumb here is to pick products with 25% or higher.


Clickbank UK commissions


5.  Avg rebill total

For products with recurring billings, this shows the average amount affiliates earn through rebills only.


6.  Avg %/rebill

Again, for products with recurring billings, this shows the average commission rate earned through rebills only.


7.  Vendor Spotlight

This unique Clickbank feature allows affiliates to gather more information about a seller. The vendor spotlight tells you the seller’s website, other products affiliates can promote, and any special offers for affiliates, among others. How much information is in the vendor spotlight depends on each seller. Generally, if there’s more information in a seller’s vendor spotlight, that seller is more reliable and more serious about getting affiliates to promote their products.

You can find this through a small lamp icon below the product descriptions, as well as a link, which says “Vendor Spotlight” below the “promote” button.


8.  Mobile HopLink target URL supported

This indicates that the seller has provided a mobile-friendly landing page for the product. This is really useful, because these days a lot of people can already make purchases from their mobile devices. Capturing mobile traffic is a good way of boosting your earnings from Clickbank.

You can find products like this by the small cellular phone icon below the product descriptions.

UK affiliate marketers higher commissions


So then, consider these 8 statistics carefully when picking your products on Clickbank. Don’t stop at choosing products within your niche; also choose the products that will bring you money. Such is the end goal of affiliate marketing, after all.



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