8 occupations that won’t exist by 2030

8 occupations that won’t exist by 2030

8 occupations that won’t exist by 2030? 8 jobs gone in 2030? What is this all about, Pete?

Hope you are doing well and all is rosy in your garden?

8 jobs gone in 2030

Well here’s a sobering thought, as the kids break up for the summer and get ready to return to school to study hard for that great career they are hoping to have, just take a look at the list of careers that technology (robots, AI, machine learning) will be replacing within the next 12 years.


I make no excuses or apologies for sharing this list and it’s NOT the only careers that will disappear from the face of the earth.


Don’t get me wrong, of course an education is important – if nothing else it gives direction and some level of discipline and focus (and a break from the online gaming community).

8 occupations that won’t exist by 2030

I’m all for learning, for me everyday is (still) a school day,  but you must always have a plan B.


So if you’re career is on the line – oops sorry, I mean list, you need a Plan B and that plan B should include your own income stream(s) that are not reliant on someone else paying for your time.


That said – here’s the list:


  1. Travel Agents – I don’t remember the last time I needed a travel agent to book my travel arrangements.
  2. Cashiers (or cash for that matter) – get used to it; “unexpected item in bagging area” is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable.
  3. Librarians – assuming people still want to lug the printed word (and those lovely pictures) around in a thick paper, or leather, bound cover, machines will be far more efficient at cataloguing and returning them to their shelves. Just a thought, not sure I’d want a late return RoboCop type librarian chasing me down for the fine, would you?
  4. Post Men (and Women) or is it Post Person now? Either way, the drones are coming, no longer the whistle or hum of an out of tune human, just the drone of the drone (see what I did there?)
  5. Sporting Officials, goal line technology, VAR, 365 degree video surveillance, who needs humans to make the wrong decision on a penalty or give the card to the wrong player? I do wonder though if a machine will spot the subtleties of a Neymar ‘simulation’.
  6. Sewing Machinist – no more snagged stitching on your $500 suit.
  7. Customer Service Agents – I’m sorry, get used to it, the good news is – no more ‘you are number 7 in the queue – please hold the line your call is important to us’ but; ‘enter 1 for sales, enter 2 for balance, enter 3 for ………. enter #99•47 for change of address…’
  8. Airline pilots, I don’t know about you – but that’s the scariest of them all.


There you have it, as I say, not an exhaustive list, but a few on there you may not have thought about.

occupations that won’t exist by 2030

Don’t have sleepless night, there’s new careers coming up everyday (if you really want one), until next time.