8 UK Home Business Ideas You Can Start Right Away

There are some UK home business ideas you can start almost straight away. For some you’ll be using skills or qualifications you already have. For others, you may want to invest in educating yourself to have the skills you’ll need. Either way, they’re easy to start and maintain, so consider starting any of these eight business ideas yourself.

UK home business ideas


1.  Personal Trainer

People are living longer and are more conscious of their health. In addition, childhood fitness is an increasing trend. Thus, becoming a personal trainer makes for an attractive UK home business idea.

As a personal trainer, you can visit clients in their homes, or you can look to offer fitness classes either at local fitness centres or even rent a local hall and run classes of your own. Think of a USP (unique selling point) to make yourself stand out above the other trainers, or perhaps become a qualified specialist in fields such as nutrition or Pilates.

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2.  Yoga Instructor

Yoga has been around for decades and shows no sign of going away any time soon. It’s very appealing to the older population, as the more mature amongst us benefit from low-impact workouts. Yoga has also gained popularity within the medical world. Today, many GPs recommend yoga to their patients. Yoga is also a relatively inexpensive exercise routine, as there’s no need for expensive exercise equipment. As an instructor, you don’t necessarily need a studio to teach yoga; you could visit clients at their homes or even their office.


3.  Tutoring

Gone are the days when only struggling children were given extra tuition. As the competition for good jobs has become ever greater, more parents now choose extra lessons to enhance their children’s knowledge. You can start by offering classes for students in their homes, in their schools, or even in other locations. To be successful in home tutoring, you may need additional qualifications. Also, you need to be competitive with your pricing, have the relevant experience, and where possible, excellent references and testimonials.


4.  Child Care Services

If you enjoy taking care of children, you can start a home-based daycare or after-school centre. There are now strict guidelines for vetting of potential child carers, and rightly so. Check with your local authority for the regulations and insurance requirements. This will have some start-up costs, such as insurance, registration / licensing fees, and advertising. Additionally, you may want to buy play equipment, educational supplies, books, etc.

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5.  Small Business Coaching

Small businesses need all the help they can get. As a business coach, you can motivate and teach business owners and managers. You could help them improve their work through personal change and process change. You can even suggest some good UK home business ideas for beginning entrepreneurs to get the ball rolling. 

This type of business benefits greatly from networking. Network with business people in your local area – both business coaches and owners. Ask around and find what it is they are looking for, what kinds of problems they encounter, and what they really need. Then, offer solutions to their problems, and use that as your USP. You could also specialise in human resources, IT, credit control, or other disciplines. Successful business coaches have experience in the business world and also some specialised business expertise, such as sales and marketing or finance.

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6.  Accounting / Bookkeeping

Many small / local businesses look to save costs by hiring a few hours per week or month for accounting services. You obviously have to be qualified to do this. If you are already a certified public accountant, you can make a solid income by starting a home based accounting business.

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Even if you are not a CPA, it’s still possible to make a reasonable income by completing simple bookkeeping tasks, managing expenses, recording receipts, and many other accounting-related tasks for businesses.



7.  Web Design

Almost no business today can survive without a website. Many small businesses don’t have the skills or the time to design and build their own site. What’s more, many small businesses may have a website built several years ago, but they have upgraded it to Web 2.0. Moreover, the sites may not be mobile-responsive.

home business idea in uk

With that in mind, you can offer a number of different web services for small business. You can start a web design business at a very low cost. You will should be able to market your skills, use social media, and tap into local business communities to promote your business.



8.  Social Media Marketing

This is a particular skill and service that many small businesses could benefit from. Promoting a business on the internet and building an online presence take a lot of time and effort, which small business do not have much of. Spending more time for activities like this detracts from their reason for trading. With the help of a good social media expert, they will be able to increase turnover through higher sales and popularity.

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These are just some of the many UK home business ideas you can easily start. If you want to find out about more ideas like this, check out http://icopyit.co.uk


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