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3 Tips for Adding After-Sales Value to Your UK Small Business

How do you see your UK small business? Of course, it’s about selling your product or service. But does it end there? If that’s how you see it, I challenge you to think again.

What happens after people buy?

Usually, they would find that the product or service does what they need it to do, and so all is well. They may even give back by referring people they know to you. More customers, more purchases, more profit. Which is what you want for your business anyway.

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But with this, customers would just come and go.

Most of the time, just once. Would you like them to come back again? I’m sure you would. It’d be even nicer if they can bring others along with them. But they won’t do so unless you do something.

They would only come back if you get back to them first.

How? Add some extra value after you make that sale. If you’re wondering how, then here are three good ways to add some after-sales value to your UK small business.


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People can never maximise the use of your product or service without you telling them how to. So then, after people buy from you, lead them to your website. Point them towards a page filled with useful how-tos, tips and tricks, “hacks”, you name it. These articles should be practical and easy enough to understand for any of your customers. It’s also a big plus if you walk them through step-by-step; it’s a big mistake to expect your customers to know as much as you do. The goal of these tutorial articles, after all, is to help your customers use your product or service to its full potential. With that, people will think “Wow, I never thought I could do this!” As they see it, that adds a lot more value to your product or service.


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Directly communicating with your customers adds a personal touch to your UK small business. And thanks to social media, it’s now easier to do than ever. First, make your customers aware of your social media accounts. Then, after they buy from you, encourage them to follow you on social media. Once they do, send them a personalised message, mentioning them by name. You could also add a call-to-action on this message, like visiting your website for more helpful information.

Additionally, when people say something good on social media about your product or service, you could reply to them to show your appreciation. Conversely, when people say something bad about your product or service, don’t stop communicating. Ask them what their concerns are, and offer solutions.

You will have to be careful about that, though, as there may be trolls who simply want to bring your business down. Don’t feed a troll; so once you suspect a troll, just ignore it. Only respond to those with legitimate concerns.

Special Offers

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Giving people perks, discounts, and other bonuses after they buy from you is a great thing. This will do a lot to encourage them to come back and buy from you again. Over time, this will also build customer loyalty, and loyal customers are always good for your business. In addition, loyal customers augment your marketing team at no cost at all! They’ll be the ones bringing in new customers through word-of-mouth alone. So it works both ways, giving added value to your customers, while adding value to your business as well.

As you can see, business doesn’t end with making sales. It’s all about making the customer feel that you care about them too. Having a great product or service is one thing; having great after-sales service will make you stand out further.


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