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5 Tips on Advertising Your Online Business in the UK Offline

In the business world, all companies need publicity. How can people engage with your online business in the UK if they aren’t even aware that you exist? Even if you have the best home business ideas in the UK, consumers won’t buy from you if they don’t even know you. This is why you need advertising. You can even do it offline, even if your business is online!

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When starting an online business in the UK, you have to put your name in the market so that people will notice you. Subscribing to ads will build your brand, and will keep your business on top of people’s minds.

Because you have an online business in the UK, you might think that you can only do your advertising online. Well, think again. Just because you have an online business doesn’t mean that you have no other choice but to build websites or create a fan page on Facebook. Moreover, not everyone is online 24/7. There are hours each day that people spend offline. Because of this, you can catch the attention of the customers by promoting your online business offline. The following are the top 5 techniques to advertise your business offline.


1.  Freebies and giveaways

People like getting free items like mugs, shirts, mousepads, calendar, tumblers, bags, and pens with the name and logo of your online business in the UK. By constantly seeing these things, they are always reminded of your company.

Choose giveaways which you think are useful so that people won’t just throw them in a storage room.


2.  Press releases


If you’re a business coach, you would usually conduct seminars and workshops, whether in front of a small group or a huge crowd. By submitting a press release to a news agency of local or general circulation, you can inform many people about your upcoming events.

Make sure that your press release is newsworthy, otherwise it will be junked by the writer or the editor.


3.  Flyers, Posters, Brochures, and Leaflets

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Handing flyers posters, brochures, and leaflets is a tried and tested advertising strategy. Although there are new ways of marketing your products and services, these things are still in demand, especially for start-up companies. They are also very cheap and easy to use. They can be dropped in the mail, distributed in the streets, inserted in newspapers, and displayed in the stores.


4.  Fairs and Exhibits

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You can join local fairs and exhibits to showcase your products and services. You can also give business cards or flyers to passersby and invite them to visit your website or your Facebook fan page to know more about your home business in the UK.


5.  Word of Mouth

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This advertising strategy has been around for centuries. Getting people to promote your products is one of the best ways to make money online. Consumers oftentimes rely heavily on product reviews because they think that they’re genuinely made. It would be an honour to get referrals from your clients because it means you’re running a business efficiently.

Technology may have changed, but these five offline advertising techniques certainly have not lost their effectiveness. Use them in your own business, and your sales and client base will surely soar!


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