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Affiliate Marketing is NOT a Get Rich Quick Scheme!

You may have heard of a lot of “home business ideas” in the UK out there that promise you can get rich quick. They promise so much money for so little effort. Of course, they never work, and only those who came in first can make money. But affiliate marketing is not one of them.

Most of  these so-called “get rich quick” ideas are nothing but pyramiding schemes. All they do is extract money from recruits; that’s what keeps their “business” going. The products are just there for show; they don’t really earn primarily from selling products. It isn’t an honest business model, and I don’t recommend it.

Affiliate marketing, on the other hand, is not like these pyramids. As an affiliate, you market actual products that people are really selling. Basically, you’re helping sellers sell their product, and you earn a part of the profits for your efforts.

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Depending on the product, your commissions will vary. Some products offer only small commissions, while others offer large ones. While you can choose the products with higher commissions, earning still depends on sales. If no one buys the product, affiliates don’t earn anything.

Affiliate marketing is really about the products; it doesn’t depend on you “inviting” friends for coffee and then turning the meetup into a boring, predictable sales pitch. Not even via Skype.

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In short, this is absolutely not a get rich quick scam. No sales, no earnings for affiliates. There’s also no pressure to recruit affiliates below you so you can earn money.

So, you have to do the marketing to earn. There are different methods of affiliate marketing, and each one is useful in different situations. It’s always good practise to combine two or more methods together for better exposure. Also, test your methods and track analytics to find out which works best for you.

To some, affiliate marketing may be a “fire and forget” system – just leave your affiliate links and watch your earnings grow. But as with any form of marketing, you have to constantly improve it.

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Why? Because people change their minds often, old trends die out, and new trends pop up fast. You as an affiliate marketer have to be adaptable; you have to respond to changes as fast as they come. That’s how you earn money from it.


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