betting greyhound racing

The Age of a Greyhound Isn’t Everything

One strategy you may have heard of in greyhound racing is this: Pick the older dogs. Because older dogs are more experienced, they stand a better chance of winning. But what if I told you that isn’t always true?

Age isn’t everything here.

Certainly, older greyhounds are the more experienced ones. No question about that. But, as greyhounds grow older, they also lose stamina, mobility, and strength. Just like any other animal, greyhounds grow weaker the older they get.


So it’s better to pick the young dogs?

In a way, yes. Younger dogs are more agile, stronger, and faster. Even if they are not as seasoned as the older dogs, they still have good chances of winning over the older ones. Their youthful energy counts for something significant.

betting greyhound racing

As long as the young dogs aren’t complete newbies, they’re good picks too. If they have a good record of wins, then all the more reason to consider them.



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