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Always Have Something To Write About: 4 Tips

If you’re like me, you write posts on your site regularly. Some people do it weekly, some do it daily, and some do it every other day. With this set up, though, it’s quite easy to run out of things to write about. Is there a way not to?

Well, there are, such as these four things.

1. Create an editorial calendar

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Having topics pre-scheduled in a calendar takes away a lot of the effort of figuring out what to write about. When it’s time for you to write, just have a look at the editorial calendar, and you’ll instantly know what to do. No more fumbling around for the next topic.

Also, there’s another benefit to having an editorial calendar. If you have some extra time, you can write out your next posts in advance. Then, you can simply schedule them for release on your site. That way, your site will consistently have fresh content. Your readers will love it, and the search engines will reward you as well. Having content consistently pushed out will rank you higher.

2. Have “themes” of topics

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Every month or so, having a set theme is a great help to keep your writing consistent. For example, if your theme for the month is “content marketing”, then you have something to focus on. You could lay out topics like “better ways to blog”, “different kinds of content to create”, or “how to share your content on social media”. As you may have noticed, a theme further simplifies the process of thinking about topics for your editorial calendar.

3. Use “branching” topics

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Often when you’re writing, in the middle of it you’ll realise that you can create an entirely new topic out of something you just wrote. Whenever that happens, take note of that new topic that “branched out”. Afterwards, just add it to your editorial calendar, into the theme where it’s appropriate.

4. Split long topics into shorter ones

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There are topics that cover a really wide range of things. The next time you find yourself writing a particularly long article – say, more than 1500 words – you can split them into two or three shorter posts. This is especially good if you do list-based articles, like “8 ways to improve social media engagement”. For this example, you may choose to split the article into two. You’ll then have “4 ways to improve social media engagement” and “4 more ways to further improve social media engagement”.

Not only does this give you more to add to your editorial calendar, but it also gets your readers excited. Just mention at the end of the first post that there will be a follow-up post soon. With that, your readers will certainly look forward to coming back to your site next time.

It isn’t that hard to always have something to write about. By doing that, you’re keeping your site updated, and your readers will always have a reason to come back for more.

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