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Have an Attitude of Gratitude

Do you eat three meals a day? Do you live in a decent house? Do you have a car to go around the city? Do you live in a peaceful neighbourhood? These are very simple things in life, and we may even neglect them.

Are we thankful for these things?

Or do we love to complain about the things we don’t have? You know, the usual quips like:

  1. Why don’t I have a million pounds?
  2. Why can’t I live in a really big house?
  3. Why don’t I drive a Bentley?
  4. Why can’t I travel the world more often?

Yes, these are good things to have as well. Many people do want the same things, to be honest. But do you keep occupying your mind with those? While it’s good to dream big, it’s harmful to keep complaining about what you don’t have yet.

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This world owes you nothing.

You don’t deserve a bigger house, or a shinier car just because you think you work hard enough. If those are beyond your means for now, you can’t have them yet. Perhaps in time, you can. But at this point, I say it’s time to stop whining. It isn’t healthy to keep your mind occupied with “what-ifs” and “could-haves”. Those thoughts make you lose sight of what you do have: resources, talents, skills, education, everything.

Think about it: if you throw tantrums like a child, will you get what you want? That may have worked a few times when you were young, but now, it certainly won’t. People will only sneer at you and call you out. This is what they call an entitlement mindset, and people with it are generally perceived as annoying, stubborn, and undeserving of what they demand. Having a mindset of entitlement is not a hallmark of any successful person. It gets you nowhere in life, and will only make you more and more miserable as time passes.

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Instead, be thankful for the things you do have.

Even the opportunity to do your UK small business is something nice. Not a lot of people take advantage of that, but you did.

Is your business doing good? Is it earning profit? If so, then you have another reason to be grateful. Many businesses fail even before they’ve had a chance to properly begin. Yours didn’t, and it’s even profiting. How’s that?

Do you have the skills necessary to run your business? Then there’s another thing to be grateful for. Let’s say you’re great in sales and marketing. That means you don’t need to learn sales and marketing from scratch, which saves you time, money, and effort. In turn, those skills allow you to provide great service to your customers. And this gives your business a good reputation in your community. Now isn’t that something as well?

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So have an attitude of gratitude.

If you look around and think about it deeply enough, you have a lot to be thankful for. Other people don’t have the endowments and opportunities you have. So with all of that, why complain? Why keep ranting about what you don’t have? It doesn’t do you any good, really.

But if your mindset is one of gratitude, you’ll have a better point of view every time. You will always feel positive, and you’ll be better able to take on the challenges of running your UK small business.



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