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How To Protect Your Online Security?

Are you going on vacation anytime soon, but still want to work a bit on your online business? Be careful around public WiFi networks to keep the identity thieves and hackers at bay. Watch our quick video guide on how to protect your online security while on vacation. Learn and succeed with our proven small […]

Finding online side hustles that actually work (2019)

Finding online side hustles that actually work (2019) If you want to identify online side hustles that actually work its’ best to look at those categories which have stood the test of time online. So what are those categories? Research has shown there are five main categories which have proven successful for people to start […]

5 Business Coaching Tips for Newbies (2019)

5 Business Coaching Tips for Newbies (2019) When you start out on the long road to running a successful business, be it online or from your own home, you’ll come across challenges and personalities you’ll wish you could have avoided. But after all, everyday’s a school day and there are always life lessons to be […]

Small business consulting: Why I don’t do coaching

Dictionary description:- Coach: is a person who supports a learner, or client, in achieving a specific or a set of specific personal or professional goals by providing training and guidance. Mentor: a mentor is a knowledgeable and experienced person who assists another (the client, or student) in developing specific skills and knowledge that will enhance […]

What kind of business coach do you need?

What does a business coach exactly? Business coaches help business people such as entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives to improve their skill-set and their businesses in a variety of ways. Unlike mentors, business coaches usually work on a fixed schedule and a specific skill or set of skills, to share actionable feedback, personalized advice, and action […]