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How Much Money Do You Need To Start a Business?

Now that you have an idea of a product to sell, there’s another burning question in your mind: “How much starting capital do I need?” You then walk to the bank with this question bugging you constantly. Well, you’ll be surprised. In a good way of course.

Why Should You Start Your Own Business?

It’s Monday. You wake up to your 6am alarm, and get yourself ready for the day’s work. Take a shower, eat breakfast, get dressed, walk out the door, get on the tube, enter the office, take your seat, and get to work. That’s the usual daily routine. The thought of starting a small business in […]

In Greyhound Racing, High Risk Produces High Reward

I’ve mentioned before that betting on the greyhound races carries some risk. Of course, you aren’t absolutely certain if you’ll win or not. Like the stock market or forex, you aren’t really sure if prices and rates will go up or down. But it carries yet another similarity with the stock market.

Wise Punters in Greyhound Racing Keep This in Mind

If you’re a regular punter in greyhound racing, then perhaps you know this situation. You want so desperately to win, so you bet as much as you can. Still, the win doesn’t come. So you bet more, and more, and more, and more. Next thing you know, you’ve run your bank account dry. And still […]

How Not to Lose Money in the Greyhound Races

Betting on greyhound racing without any strategy is bound to make you lose money. Of course this is bad news for anyone, especially if your goal is to make money here. So is there a way to not lose money? While there is no absolutely foolproof method, there are some things you should be on […]

Are You Into Greyhound Racing?

  Betting on Greyhounds also involves some strategy. You have to consider several variables, such as pedigree, previous race performance, form, and many others. Each of them influences the possible outcomes of a race. Blind betting will get you nowhere. So if you are into greyhound racing and wants to stop gambling and start trading, […]