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AUTHOR’S PICK: Making Money through Clickbank for Online Businesses in the UK

It’s time for another Author’s Pick Weekend! This week, we’ll be talking about two online platforms you can use to start an online business in the UK through affiliate marketing:

  1. AdMarketplace
  2. Clickbank

Yesterday, we talked about AdMarketplace (read about it here in case you missed it). Today, we’ll discuss another way of earning money through affiliate marketing, which is through Clickbank.

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Again, in case you missed it, this is basically what affiliate marketing is all about. When you’re an affiliate, you promote another company’s products. In return, you get a commission or a cut of the profit for every sale the company makes through your promotions. It’s a very easy way to make money online, so it’s a good idea for an online business in the UK.

If you’re thinking of starting online businesses in the UK, you must be visible in a marketplace. It’s where buyers and sellers come together to negotiate and enter into deals. Through this, you can interact and connect to many people.

Yesterday, we learned about AdMarketplace, where you can buy and sell graphical ads. Clickbank, on the other hand, allows you to sell more than that. It’s the largest online marketplace in the world, and you have access to many different products, from computers to health supplements. Hence, it would be beneficial in meeting lots of people especially when you’re still starting online businesses in the UK.

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Clickbank represents thousands of products. One idea for online businesses in the UK is to be an affiliate to promote and sell to consumers. Once you become an affiliate, you have an access to more than 100 categories. The good thing about Clickbank is that you don’t have to request for the permission of the owners nor comply with any formalities. You can sell automatically.

You can find more details about being a Clickbank affiliate in the original article.


Clickbank is just one of the many platforms to make money online in the UK. To learn  more and learn how to copy this and other ideas from an expert about starting an online business in UK, check out for  more information.

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