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AUTHOR’S PICK: 7 Ways to Grow Your UK Small Business

How are you spending your weekend? Taking the time to relax? Or are you one of the few who choose to be extra productive? If you’re the latter, then certainly you would like this weekend’s set of Author’s Picks. They’ll be giving you a few things you can do to help your UK small business grow into greatness.

For today, take a look at these 7 tips for small business growth.


Be Active in Social Media

Most UK small businesses today have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (or all three of them) to market their products. In keeping with the latest tech, your business should have these accounts too. It’s almost a requirement these days so you can market your business effectively and reach the most number of people.

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With the help of social media, people who are interested in your products can be your followers. They can help you advertise by liking, sharing, or retweeting your posts, and posting photos of your products on their personal accounts. Engagement is the name of the game, and you would want to make relatable, engaging, and shareable content on social media. The more your content has those attributes, the greater your exposure will be. And of course, more exposure drives growth!


Buy Targeted Ads

Your best chance to reach your niche market is through targeted ads. You could use Facebook ads, which allow you to target specific locations, age groups, genders, and many other attributes. Customising your target audience makes your ads more effective, and lessens the cost of advertising as well.

Google is another good site to place your ads. Being the most used website in the entire internet, you’ll certainly increase your reach when running ads in Google search pages. It’s also niche-specific, so your ads will be more effective, targeting only your niche market. As a small business, you’d like to make your growth specific to your niche, because that’s where you market your products the most. Plus, your niche is what you’re good at, so it’s easier.

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Hold Sales on Holidays or Special Occasions

Holding holiday sales or special event sales is a great way of boosting your income. Though prices are lower, it does increase overall sales and attracts more customers. In the end, it’s a win for your business: not only does it grow your sales, but also your publicity.

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