Be Proactive!

Do you remember that article on reacting to our circumstances? We always do that. We always react to the things happening around us. We may react in a good way, or in a bad way. How we react influences the next things that happen to us.

But life isn’t just about reactions.

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Picture this: Say you want to buy a house. You keep on thinking of your dream house – how big it is, how many rooms it has, the design of the living room, the lawn, the colour of the walls, all of that. And that’s all you do. You just keep thinking about it. You never do anything about it. You don’t ask any real estate agents for good deals, you don’t save money to go to buying a house, and worse, you don’t even bother to go around and explore to find a house you might like.

If you just keep waiting for that house to come to you, you’ll never get it. You need to act. You need to do something to turn that dream into reality. When you choose to do nothing about your dream, that’s all there will be to it. It will remain in your head, and never in front of your eyes.


Instead, be proactive.

This means taking the steps necessary to achieve your dream. Going back to that dream house, do whatever you can to realise it. Drive around and explore different locations. Find some houses that you can inspect. Find some good realtors and ask for the best deals. Put aside money to go into mortgage payments. And everything else in between.

Being proactive means taking responsibility for your own life.

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You make choices all the time, and every decision you make determines what your life will be like. Even doing nothing is actually a choice – you decided to not do anything. And we all know what happens to those who do nothing. But if you do something, then your life will move forward. Again, see what happens when you apply that principle to your dream house. You talked to a realtor and found a property you liked. He gave you a price. Now, you have an idea how much money to save to get that house.

That’s something.

Contrast that to what could have happened if you did nothing. Sure, you have an idea of what your dream house looks like in your head, but you have no idea how much it will cost you. How else would you know how much money you need to save to get your dream house?

See what I mean? No progress happened.

Proactive people also don’t have a habit of blaming others for what happens to them.

Some people may have the bad habit of blaming the weather. If the weather’s fine, they’re feeling fine. But if the weather’s bad, they also feel bad. When you ask them why they’re feeling bad, they always tell you it’s the weather’s fault. “Because it’s raining really hard.” “Because there’s a thunderstorm.” Or, “Because it’s so cold I can’t even get out of bed.”

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People like that always like to find a scapegoat for their own lack of responsibility. Clearly, it isn’t a good habit. They’re thinking that they have no control over their lives whatsoever. So whatever happens to them, they tend to always find fault in the circumstances. They never look themselves in the mirror.

And for that reason, they are never successful. That sort of attitude only makes them miserable.


Therefore, be proactive. Take control of your life, and make choices that will lead you towards your goals.


One important thing in being proactive is setting goals. Head over to this infographic for some quick tips on effective goal setting.


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