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3 of the Best UK Affiliate Marketing Networks to Join [Video]

TGIF! In today’s video, I’ll give you additional tips to start off with affiliate marketing. Specifically, three of the best affiliate networks to join in the UK.

Several weeks ago, I gave some tips on how to make good use of Clickbank UK. In case you missed them, you may read them here:

  1. Using categories to pick products
  2. Three important stats to watch out for
  3. What is “gravity”?


But of course, there are other UK affiliate marketing networks as well. You can find many on the web, in fact, but in this video, there are three that stand out above the rest.



At this point, it’s all a matter of picking the network that you think is best for you. Look at the advantages each one offers, as well as their weak points, so you can decide on what network you should join. If you can make time, you can even be an affiliate for more than one network. Doing this has an added advantage of having more potential sources of income for your site.

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best UK affiliate marketing networks

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