first step to starting your own business

A Simple Trick to Avoid Being Overwhelmed by Your Big Goals

Goal setting is one very valuable first step to starting your own business. It gives you an idea what you want to achieve, as well as when you want to achieve them. Goals are what drive the growth of your online business startup, and they are what keep you going despite the hurdles.

At first, setting goals is a really exciting prospect, so you would tend to go for big, long-term goals immediately. For example, earn £100,000 per month after a year. While it has the answers to “what” and “when”, the goal just seems to lofty. As of the moment, it sounds unreachable.

What should you do?

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Break down your big goals into smaller ones.

That keeps yourself on track with your small business ideas. Big goals tend to overwhelm you, but smaller, easily-achievable ones offer a sigh of relief. To use a food analogy, bite-sized cuts of steak are much easier to eat than one big T-bone.

To use the “£100,000 per month after a year” example, you may set a smaller goal for the first month, like “have two new signups per day to my newsletter”. These leads may turn into sales, which in turn would bring profits. The next month, you could adjust this into a bigger number, and a much bigger number two months after, and so on.

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Make goals that you can attain daily.

Notice that the small goal above includes the words “per day”. With that, you can turn it into a regular part of your daily to-do list. At the end of the day, you can check it off along with the other tasks you have done. Doing this is a neat psychological trick that makes you feel more productive. Also, daily goals are not burdensome. Rather, they are very achievable, and so they won’t cause you much stress.

Watch as you get closer to hitting your big goals.

If you are consistent in meeting the small, daily goals, the law of compounding takes over. Next thing you know, your online business startup is already hitting £100,000 per month. The best part about this is you won’t even notice. Why? You are too focused on achieving your small daily goals. An added effect is you tend to forget about the stress brought about by the big, lofty goal.

first step to starting your own business


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