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How To Protect Your Online Security?

Are you going on vacation anytime soon, but still want to work a bit on your online business? Be careful around public WiFi networks to keep the identity thieves and hackers at bay.

Watch our quick video guide on how to protect your online security while on vacation.

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Finding online side hustles that actually work (2019)

Finding online side hustles that actually work (2019)

If you want to identify online side hustles that actually work its’ best to look at those categories which have stood the test of time online. So what are those categories?

Research has shown there are five main categories which have proven successful for people to start their own side hustle.


This is by far the easiest and cheapest category to start because you don’t need to create your own product because it’s you. Search for freelance sites, there you’ll find they have hundreds of mini projects or task-based work (often referred to as ‘gigs’) that you can pitch for. All you need to do is to find the gigs that match your own skills and submit your proposal thereby getting people to pay for your services.

Affiliates, partners, joint ventures.

This is an almost free online side hustle, again because you don’t need your own product. Affiliation, partnering or JV ’s is all about promoting others’ products that you know and trust. Although you don’t need to develop a product you will need to build an audience, most likely through social media, blogging or review sites or videos so that people will act on your recommendation.


Unless you live on a desert island, almost everyone knows about e-commerce. In its simplest form it’s opening a retail business online. There are many courses that you can invest in, there’s also an abundance of free tutorials and online courses available if you know where to look.


One of the main issues of running an e-commerce business is managing all the various parts of the business such as branding, marketing, getting products to the customers, and keeping control of stock to name but a few.

Sites like Amazon and Shopify make this look easy and when you scale up your e-commerce business it’s possible to automate pretty much the full end-to-end business model.

Courses and programs.

Information products can be a great side hustle that over time can become your full-time income stream. It takes time to be established and it’s important your potential customers recognise and associate you as an expert in the information you are promoting.

Your course should demonstrate and deliver the solution that your audience struggles with. Get this right and you will have an evergreen source of income.


SAAS or software as a service is essentially the development of a software application that can be used offline or online. It’s a program that helps to solve a problem or help to leverage specific other resources.

A great example of a SAAS is Sumo, which helps solve the problem of generating leads for businesses. The hardest part of running a SaaS business is to stay competitive because frankly, anyone can just copy your software idea nowadays.

These are the main categories where you will find a good audience reach for your side hustle. They each require different resources, skill sets, and experience.

If you haven’t yet decided on your side hustle but want to make money from it quickly. Then the easiest one to start will be offering a service or services, by way of Gigs.

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5 side hustles that actually work in 2019

5 side hustles that actually work in 2019

2 ½ months in to 2019 already! What have you done with those new year resolutions?

Have you actually started your online business already, or is it still just a distant dream, or worse it’s a distant memory?

Remember when you were all fired up to make 2019 ‘The Year!’ ? This year would be different – right?

Well, if you did take action and start your new side hustle good for you! Go get ‘em tiger. But if you didn’t maybe these 5 side hustles that actually work, might motivate you to kickstart your new future life for yourself!

Here’s 5 side hustles that actually work:


There are now sooooo many online agencies that you can sign up for to find projects or mini-jobs to work from home. Just search ‘freelance, work from home, or similar in your favourite search engine and then register for the agencies.

It’s important that you have a professional profile along with a professional email, if you have your email account from when you were at school, or you find your names taken unless you really do have numerals in your name (like ‘ janedoe20876@maildomain’ ), then find a suitable professional looking name.

If you already have a domain name it’s worth paying for a domain email account since it’s so much more professional. If you have already done work either full time or voluntarily for other people, ask them to leave references for you on your new profile.

Also, get yourself or update your LinkedIn profile with your new side hustle and add as many links to the freelance sites you are registered to. Then start putting together proposals for advertised projects or jobs that other people post on these sites. Here’s some sites you can consider – there are plenty more; Some of our favourites are UpWork, Freelancer, Guru and even Fiverr


Are you one of these techie people who just love to try to break other people’s programs? You are? Well, this might just be the side hustle you need!

Software and websites have bugs and will often need testing, even existing sites that just had an upgrade. Why not get paid for just trying to break things? Most of the time all you need do is run a few scenarios and then write it up, you’re getting paid to report what happens.

Here’s a few ‘testing’ websites to help get you started:, Userlytics, TryMyUI, and Userfeel.

Arts ‘n Crafts

Are you good with your hands? Are you creative? That hobby you have making miniature golf courses, for example, could be a very nice little business. Unique gifts that are personal and hand made are always in demand and sites like Etsy and Shopify are great online marketplaces to sell your wares.

If you are a good designer, perhaps you can make unique printable designs that can be placed on to mugs or even T-shirts? Go on, give it a go!

The numbers guy, or gal

Not that PC I know, but well, anyhoo…. Are you good with numbers, done any accountancy work or ledger work in the past? You have great then maybe you can set yourself up as a ledger clerk or bookkeeper for small firms or self-employed businesses.

Believe me, they’ll be thankful for someone to drop their receipts and books to who can put the papers into a nice neat pile for their accountant. In fact, accountants often look for someone to that work for them, many small businesses and self-employed people don’t keep good books. It might take you a while to get a number of customers, but when you do you’ll generally have them for ‘life’.

Last but not least…

Proof of live (or is that life?)

You like reading? You must do if you’ve got this far through the article, joke, ha ha. I’m talking about proofreading. If you like learning new information, enjoy reading or you are OCD when it comes to spelling and grammar, then proofreading is a great side hustle that actually works.

There is more and more written stuff these days, in paper and electronic and if the author wants to be taken seriously and have a good following then the writing has to be god… oops I mean good, see what I did there? LOL.

You can proofread articles, student thesis, blogs, reports, books even. You’ll learn a lot and get paid to do it. You could even start a blog of the interesting and varied subjects you read about….

There you are; 5 side hustles that actually work in 2019. I hope you enjoyed the read and …..

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