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Turning Committed Ideas into a Business | Small Business Idea

Turning Committed Ideas into a Business | Small Business Idea

You’ll recall no doubt that we left this subject with you having identified those ideas on your list that you had said you would be committed to if you were able to start a home-based business in any / all of them. So what’s next for your small business idea?


Let’s put them all in the order in which you personally would love to have a business in that area; ignore cost issues, for now, just put them in the order your most committed to.

small business idea

Right – done that?


When you have, let go back to that startup cost question and close that off.


Look at your list, which of the small business ideas will require equipment that you don’t have or can’t reuse in order to get started? Look at those business ideas, ask yourself what can I do in the small business idea (market) that doesn’t involve all the equipment?


Is it possible I could outsource some of the tasks of the business to other people and allow me to start the business? Can I scale up (start small and grow)?

ideas into business

Just asking these questions, especially if your number one chose is on this list, will make you start to be creative in how you look at the business ideas, the more excited (committed) to a business the more creative you’ll be to find ways and to stay in business.


When you have done this and there is really no other way to start any of the home based business ideas, just strike it through. And forget about it. If you have strong pangs of disappointment over any you have removed, go back to it and ask yourself the questions above again.


Okay we’re done! Well, alright no we’re not, but we do now have the list of business ideas that we can consider as our home based business.


Next time we cover this topic we’ll look at which of those ideas have a real market and which ones don’t. That’ll be next week (not Sunday), so watch for next article.


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Getting Velocity in Your Home Based Business

Getting Velocity in Your Home Based Business

When you have laser-focus on your home based business goals you will achieve your goals that much faster. If you focus only half your time on things that are not in line with your goal….it will take you twice as long to achieve your goal.

But it gets worse than that.

Because focussing and achieving your goals builds velocity in your business

Meaning that the faster you gain traction for achieving your goal, the faster you achieve your goal, and the better the chance that actually does achieve it.

I hear people say things like “I really want to achieve (fill in the blank)” but there are things I can’t control that get in the way.

Those ‘things’ could be emails, texts, phone calls, your partner needs something, your kids need something.

Well, kids are almost the exception, they have no boundaries so they scream incessantly if they don’t get their way…and on and on.

But look, your goals have to be more important than those interruptions. If they are, you will do whatever it takes to avoid those interruptions.

You know the saying right’ ‘action speaks louder than words’.

You see, what you spend your time on is what is important to you.

I am sure some of you may be in real critical careers; you may be an emergency first responder so you have to check your messages when on call.  But even if you are, you have off time – right?

‘But Peter, I have to spend time with my kids, with my partner.’

Yes, you do, but isn’t it be better to spend 2 quality hours with them where you’re totally focussed on them, than spend 8 hours telling them to go away because they are interrupting you?

Wouldn’t it better to find ways to develop boundaries with your children and partner thereby spending MORE quality time with them?

Remember this…success is your choice. If whatever you are currently spending time on is more important than success…keep doing it.

But if you really want success, and you are committed to your home based business, isn’t it better to figure out how to deal with all the things that are getting in the way of your success?

The distraction of answering every email as it comes in keephome based businesss you from scaling operations to generate hundreds of thousands of subscribers instead of hundreds.

The distraction of answering every email that comes in keeps you from starting your new home based businesses, new websites, writing new emails, writing new books, creating new training.

So the question is…how important is it to you?

How important is success to you?

Is it important enough to choose to spend your time on things that matter?

What is holding you back?

What is eating away at your time?

Are you willing to go through the rest of your life allowing that “time eater” to control you, or are you going to make a change and choose what you focus on?

Being successful is so much more than just “time management” or  “writing a to-do list” or “eliminating distractions”.

It’s about choosing what you want to succeed at, and simply achieving your dreams – YOUR dreams, not the consequences of your decision to just keep allowing the things that detract and distract, to continue to run your life.

How important are your goals and your dreams?

Are you strong enough to make the hard choices – and follow through – to accomplish that dream?

I hope you are.

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How to Get Even More Done With the Two Minute Rule

In the modern workplace, there is always so much to do. And even more if you are building an online business startup. The bulk of tasks to be checked off that to-do list often seems insurmountable.

But there are ways to overcome that overwhelming feeling. One tip discussed before is taking on the most important tasks first. These are usually the ones that take the most time to complete, and the ones requiring the most creativity and brainpower. Once those are done, your mind can relax with the easier tasks for the rest of the day.

So, what’s next?

This is where the two-minute rule comes in. Have a look at your to-do list. Which tasks can be done in two minutes or faster? Once you’ve identified them, finish off those quickfire tasks right away. With that, you’ll be ticking off more boxes out of your to-do list. The more it clears up, the less stress you will feel as the day goes on.

The two-minute rule has one main benefit.

UK home business stop

It’s a quick and easy way to kill procrastination. These small tasks usually get neglected – “I’ll just do them later; they won’t take long anyway.” This excuse keeps popping up, and it compounds the number of small tasks yet to be done.

This rule can also help free up your Mondays.

online business startup

Often, you’ll find that it’s these small tasks creep their way into the next day’s list of tasks. Or worse, they can rollover well into the following Monday. No wonder many Mondays give people really bad headaches.

By applying the two-minute rule, that pile of unfinished work will soon disappear. The less overwhelmed you feel about the things you need to get done, the more you will actually get done.


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Laser Focus Your Success

Laser Focus Your Success | Small Business Tips | Work From Home

Did you know there aren’t actually 24 hours in a day?

Okay, well, of course, there are, at least on a regular clock. But what I really mean is, you don’t get to use all 24 hours in a productive way that you may like.

Take me for example, if someone could invent a pill that would allow my body to recover from the day’s activities instead of having to go into a semi-conscious coma for 8 hours in every 24, I’d be at the front of the queue.

laser focus

Laser Focus!

I am willing to wager, there’ll be readers of this article agreeing with me. If you are one of those great! It means we are aligned and we share similar values for success and security.

Well anyway back to the subject in hand, 24 hours, right.

Here’s the thing – each day has a finite number of hours and minutes.  And how you spend your time will decide whether or not you achieve your goals.

What’s really bad is – when it’s gone, it’s gone! You will NEVER get that time back. You can’t pop down to the time bank and ask for a time overdraft or a loan.

Nope, when you use your time you only get to use it once.

laser focus your success

Here’s the good news though! We live in an age where we can use technology to create multiple opportunities to create wealth for ourselves even while we sleep!

If you do the work to create great popular and in-demand products and services and set up the right technology to support and service your clients, you will get your future time back – in abundance!

But you have to do the work first and what better time to start than now?

Practice that focus, you can start here.

So make your goals more important than other ‘things’, focus on productive tasks that drive your business idea forward, get laser focussed on your business goals, avoid unproductive interruptions, remember the ding of the email and instant message chats?

Turn off the TV (moving wallpaper as I call it), get your partner to sort your kids out (if you have any), lock yourself in the study, or your office or your bedroom – wherever you need to be to get laser focussed time.

AND get on with building your independent future. Do it now do it today, because your future self and your future family will thank you for it!

Until next time, have a great day!

P.S. Practice that focus, you can start here.

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Tackle Your Most Challenging Small Business Ideas First

Do you like working in the morning, in the afternoon, or late into the night? Maybe you like doing it after your day job, right when you get back home. Whatever your preferred work schedule, here is another rule of thumb to keep in mind to maximise your productivity. The rule is to work on the most challenging small business ideas first.

Have a look at your to-do list. I’m sure it’s loaded with tasks you must finish. If you can recall the article on prioritising, an important thing is to identify the most important tasks to get done right away. You may identify two, three, or even more tasks that fit into this category.

Amongst the many important tasks, which one should you do first then?

online business startup

Figuring out the answer to that may be another chore. True, prioritisation may have eased up your planning phase; however, having multiple important tasks can catch you off guard again.

Finding out the one task you must work on first has thus become a chore. But it does not have to be if you know this extra trick.

Ask yourself which task is the most challenging.

online business startup

Which one will take the most time to complete? Which will require the most creative energy or brainpower? Also, what is that one task you would rather not do before the day ends, when you’re already feeling drained?

Those questions will lead you to that one specific task you have to accomplish first. Once you’ve zeroed in on it, focus on that task completely until it’s done.

This takes advantage of your brain’s peak performance level.

small business ideas

Each day, when you are just getting started working on your online business startup, you are at your most creative and productive state. Your mind is sharpest at this point in time, and you are able to solve problems a lot more easily. Your mind is in the best condition to tackle difficult projects. Taking advantage of your heightened mental state, you can finish those challenging tasks with flying colours.

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Time Management: You Just Don’t Do It All

Time Management: You Just Don’t Do It All

The age old question, as old as time itself (see what I did there?) How do I find time to do (yet) another task or tasks in my already ultra busy schedule?


I know, I get it, there are only so many hours in the day, or in the time that you have set aside for yourself, to build your business. So you really can’t do everything.

time management

If you do try to do everything, guess what happens..


you only finish the stuff that’s not really that important.


What do I mean? Well, for example, what’s more important – to read every niche news email you have subscribed to, in your inbox so you know what’s current in your business niche today? Or to use those hours to create or improve your product/service?

So how to plan your tasks? Or to start addressing your time management? issue?

How about this; what’s more important – respond to every message on your phone, as soon as it comes in, or write your sales campaign – be it a sales letter, email campaign, or online sales page?


When you manage your time, the goal isn’t to get everything done – it’s to get the important things done.

time management tips

So look at your daily to-do list (you do have one -right?) and prioritise the important tasks from the ‘everything’ tasks. Some examples of important tasks for your business could be; writing (or rewriting) your new book. Or recording a new training course. Or writing a new series of emails.

These tasks are important because they will help you make money – long term (all of those things are “do them once…get paid forever” kind of things)


So to help you focus on what you want to get done, I recommend that during your business hours of focussed effort, you turn the phone off, close your email window, tell your husband (wife, partner or significant other) you are going to work for 2 hours and do nothing but that one important thing you want to accomplish.

Only 2 hours I hear some of you cry; yes – 2 hours.

Let’s say you did that just 5 days a week, that’s 2 hours solid, without interruption.

In one week you would have your 10 hour home study course recorded.

The next week you would have 25 emails in your autoresponder campaign.

The next week you would have recorded 10 hours of your coaching program.

The next week you would write 25 articles and post them.

In just 30 days, you would have a 10 hour home study course to sell,  a 10-week coaching program, 25 emails and 25 articles.

How do I know this? Because I learnt it, and you can learn it too.

As many of you will know already, I have partnered with a very successful online entrepreneur to provide an excellent quality and low budget coaching course, you can take a look right here about Passive Income and apply the 2 hours time management I told you above…

Till next time!


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Why You Shouldn’t buy a Franchise?

Why You Shouldn’t buy a Franchise?

When looking to start your own home based business one very popular option is to look at investing in a franchise. There are a number of advantages with franchises; an established name, a sales territory, sales leads, advertising and marketing, to name but some of the major benefits.


Well, at least that’s how most franchises would tell you. But just stop a minute and think this business model through.

online business startup

Unless it’s a very unique and specialist franchise, what possibly can be an advantage in investing in the name of a known brand?  Just think about this; you are buying a business name that (hopefully) is recognised by your potential customers, but how uniques or well respected is that brand, is it significant enough to mean any good independent competitors can’t compete?


That’s especially true when you remember you don’t have an exclusive sales territory – what that means is that no other franchisee can promote in your area, but you still have every other competitor in your sale area too.


What about those leads, well that may have some value, but how good are those leads? Are you still expected to follow-up on enquiries or are they actual orders? What if you can’t afford the investment in the franchise?


Well many franchises can arrange financing to help you start your franchise business, sound great – but you still have to pay the loan back, assuming you meet their requirements for lending in the first place.


Assuming you are still considering a franchise, ask yourself why are you getting in to your own home based business, is it to become independent and be able to run your own business the way you want to, to make as much profit as you can and keep the majority for yourself?

buy a franchise

You can probably tell I don’t have a high regard for franchises, don’t get me wrong some (like McDonalds) are great franchise opportunities, but they come with almost cast iron guarantees of success, many franchises don’t.


No, starting your own business is tough enough, but immediately committing to paying a franchise fee, plus a percentage of turnover (or target turnover) and potentially any financing, even before you pay yourself! Doesn’t sound like a great way to start your own business in my view.


If you want to have another job and/or another boss, then a franchise will surely take you there. I don’t think that’s for you though, else you wouldn’t have read this far.

If you want to start small and don’t have enough budget to buy a franchise, check out Passive School.


Have a great weekend.

Avoid Eyestrain When Working on your Online Business Startup

When you’re working on your online business startup, you’ll often be in front of a computer screen. Then again, you can’t help it, since doing business online is the standard today. Whether you like it or not, you will have to spend time facing a screen.

However, this can be a problem, especially when you’re also facing a screen for nearly eight hours a day for your day job. Too much time glancing at a computer display can strain your eyes. Left unchecked, this can damage your vision in the long term.

Remember to take care of your eyes with these three simple techniques.

Look away from the screen every 20 minutes.

online business startup

A major cause of eyestrain is when your eyes focus on only the monitor – and nothing else – for a really long time. To give your vision some rest, make it a habit to look away from the computer every 20 minutes. Glance at something farther – say 20 feet away – for about 20 seconds. Afterwards, you may get back to work on screen.

Cover windows to reduce glare.

you need a coach or a mentor

Reflections of windows and walls can also hurt your eyes whilst working in front of a computer. They are distracting and would compete with the things your eyes want to focus on. To avoid this, shut the curtains or close the blinds. With less light reflecting off the glass of your monitor, you can eliminate glare.

Don’t forget to blink.

online business startup

When you’re concentrating on a task in front of a screen, chances are you would neglect blinking. Later on, you’d probably notice your eyes feeling dry. Which is why you should not forget to blink – it rehydrates the eyes. Dry eyes can hurt, so blink away to keep them moist.

Your eyes are very important assets, so it’s always wise to take good care of them. These simple steps can be a big help already. Your eyes will stay healthier, and your vision will stay clear for longer.


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How To Find Your Niche That Will Keep You Motivated? {Video}

How to find your niche that will keep you motivated?

In the good old days, actually not that long ago, but even a year’s a long time in the online world you know.

Anyway, the gooroos used to recommend that you should build your business, whether that’s online or a traditional brick-and-mortar business, around your passion. ‘Follow your passion’ they’d say..

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