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AUTHOR’S PICK: 6 Ways to Boost Your Business Presence

Yesterday’s Author’s Pick talked about a few steps you should take before pushing your product out to the market. Today, we’ll discuss ways to promote your UK small business to boost its presence. In other words, so that more people will be aware of your business and what you have to offer.

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As a business, certainly you would want to make yourself known. That goes for every business owner, whether it’s a small business or a big-ticket international corporation. If you own a small business, you have an even greater motivation to do so. People must know that you exist, of course, before they can buy from you.

So, then, the question you may have in mind is, “How can I do that?” Well, I have a few tips for you.


1.  Connect and Interact With Your Clients

Building connections with your clients will definitely boost your reputation. It gives people the idea that you care about them, and that your business really aims to satisfy their needs. In turn, your clients will give you their trust and loyalty.

UK small business presence

Make it a habit to give out your UK small business’s contact information, address, and social media pages to your customers. With that, your clients can then easily contact you when they have any concerns. And once they do, make sure to respond promptly. Never keep your clients hanging; answering their queries is just a few taps and clicks away.


2.  Be Visible Online

These days, everyone and everything depends upon the internet. Put your business into the spotlight as well. Open up accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., and let the online world know that your UK small business exists. Not only that; also tell them why they should trust you, and what you have to offer.

UK small business visibility presence

Most importantly, update your online accounts regularly. This is important for increasing your rankings on search engines. Also, being active online tells people that your business is up and running. Just avoid spamming, because people hate that – myself included. And make your updates/posts personal and relatable, because you’re talking to people, not machines. Additionally, people love seeing pictures, so use images to your advantage.

3.  Run Ads on Google

Google is perhaps the most utilised site in the internet these days. Thus, placing ads on Google will very much increase your presence online. You may promote your products, services, and even your website in Google ads. But again, never spam, because Google’s algorithm is watching you. You don’t want to get banned, so it pays to be careful.


That’s not all; you can find the rest here.


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