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What kind of business coach do you need?

What does a business coach exactly?

Business coaches help business people such as entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives to improve their skill-set and their businesses in a variety of ways.

Unlike mentors, business coaches usually work on a fixed schedule and a specific skill or set of skills, to share actionable feedback, personalized advice, and action plans for their clients.

This can be any area of their business such as;  increase company revenue, accelerate their career, or increase business growth.

Investing in a business coach may be the single greatest investment you make in your career or business. Whether you’re a business professional looking to get a promotion or a business owner who’s business is stuck and you can’t get your creative juices flowing.

A good business coach can get you out of that rut and get velocity back into your business.

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So what kinds of business coaches are there? Here’s just some for you to consider…

Business Results Training

This works best for Entrepreneurs, small business owners and marketers; they will often help you to set plans and actions to improve teamwork, exceed goals, improve business processes.

Maybe establish a framework or a new action plan to that’s unique to your business and your personal circumstances. These business coaches work closely with your business to review progress and recommend changes for improvement.

Business Workshops and Seminars

These are often 2 or 3-day workshops where you and maybe your team, are taken out of the day-to-day business operations and placed into workshops where a trained coach will lead you and your team through a series of tasks and activities following a certain theme or area of performance or business problem.

The outcome of the workshops is to make you and your team function and communicate more effectively and to work as a team. I don’t recommend workshops as a true value for your team since in most cases there are too many personalities that can disrupt effective workshop environments and unless you have a strong trainer, this can often lead to even more issues and problems than you started with.

Business Coaches for Women entrepreneurs, small business owners and Mom entrepreneurs.

Even in today’s world of inclusion and diversity, it’s still recognised that women often have to juggle a career, or business, with family life and being a mother. Also, many women who don’t have children often need the support of another woman to help shape their career or business program.

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There are several companies that provide business coaching for women, they can offer new ways of working; how to engage with their clients, how to market differently.

Understanding the modern psyche can go a long way to helping you progress in the corporate and in your own business field. That’s not sexism, that’s fact.

Action coaches.

Now you might think, well they are all action coaches – surely. Well yes, they are, but these specific action coaches are more focussed.

Often they will come into your business or study your career plan and will strategise and will put in place a set of actions that overcome the challenges of maintaining a business or getting that next promotion or career move.

They’ll leave you a concrete plan of actions to take and check in with you from time to time to see how you are progressing.

Business and Lifestyle coaches.

All work and no play makes Jack (or Jill) as the saying goes…  Business and lifestyle coaches take the whole you; your work life and personal life, your career and personal goals and they work with you to set out a clear path for you to take action along to meet your balanced world.

This is both personal and business development, helping you save time and ultimately money in not chasing the dreams you don’t have and following the ones you do. In my opinion, a good business and lifestyle coach is as near to a mentor as you can get without actually having one.

Start-Up coaches.

Hang on, I hear you say, I literally only just started, how can I afford a coach and what the heck can she/he coach me in? Well, how about; is your business idea actually viable? If you need capital can you write a business plan to take to the bank or investors? Are you already a good salesperson?

Do you know how to get your first customers? Need to jumpstart your business quick? All good reasons why you may want the services of a startup coach. Don’t worry, they don’t have to be expensive – or full time, in fact, some can be found online too.

Want to find the business coach who’s best for you or just get some low budget but value-rich coaching to help start your online business?

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