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Business coaching, is it a waste of time and your money?

Is business coaching a waste of time and money?

That depends.

I know, that’s a sh##ty answer….

Every man (or woman) and his dog now seems to add coaching to their list of skills and services. But that’s part of the problem. The thing is many of these coaches don’t even look at what a business is doing or even should be doing.

No, the current fad is to focus on the mindset, or what motivates the business owner / entrepreneur / executive.

Or may their emotions, or what their life’s purpose is….

Too many so-called business coaches aren’t looking how to implement the proven best-practice systems and success strategies that cannot NOT only turn a business around but will actually grow the business.

Most of these business coaching programs spend time trying to motivate the business owner / executive and discussing how he or she feels. That’s what your therapist is for!

No, you want your business coach to focus on developing the business, help with marketing and ultimately selling more of the business’s products or services.

I get it, there is a place for hiring therapists, psychologists and life coaches, but that’s not what you want from your business coach.

A good business coach wants to help real business owners and executives grow their businesses or career in clearly defined and measurable goals, through discovering blockers and implementing proven best-practice systems and processes that smash through the blockers and accelerate the business.

Often the business owner or executive is too close, too involved to see clearly what is holding them back and many of the solutions can appear to be too complex and difficult to implement on their own. That’s when you need proper coaching and maybe even mentorship.

Business coaching has the ability to transform your business when it’s focussed on improving your business or career and not on the ‘soft skills’ that formulate amateurish therapy sessions.

Eric Schmidt, a one-time executive chairman of Google; once remarked: “How could a coach advise me if I’m the best person in the world at this?”

But he was missing the point. A coach doesn’t do that, a good coach observes and gets you, the executive or business owner to be the best that you can be. No amount of fluffy ‘how does that make you feel’ therapy is going to get you there.

A great business coach can make changes in your business that will make positive changes in your personal life too! A bad coach, well at best you’ll lose your time and money invested in them and nothing else. At worst you could lose everything.

So, find a coach for the area of your life (or business) that you need, don’t pick a business coach who claims to need to fix your head before your business.

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