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What’s the Deal with a Call to Action?

It’s everywhere. You see all these buttons and forms labeled “Buy Now” or “Email Us”, “Sign Up for our Newsletter”, or anything along those lines. Every online business has these so-called Call to Action fields, and they’re there for a reason.

Simply, it tells people what to do next.

Websites give customers information. It tells them what the company is about, what it’s offering, what problem it wants to solve, etc. That’s the basic structure of a website. With so many other bits and pieces of information on the Internet though, what’s stopping people from just navigating away from the page?

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It’s the Call to Action.

It could be anywhere on a page: right up top, in the middle, or towards the bottom. It could even be on all three of those places. You may have noticed it on the MyBizTips homepage as well: it’s the popup that asks you to subscribe to the newsletter. Many other sites have those too.

If it’s a site about home repairs, then the call to action could be “Call us now for a free quote”, right beside the company’s phone number, address, and office hours. If it’s a site offering SEO services, their call to action may be something similar, like “Contact us now for a free SEO evaluation of your website”. If it’s a site offering a physical product, then the call to action may be a straight-up “Buy Now”.


Why are they effective?

It has a lot to do with human psychology. There are two things at play here: expectation and curiosity.



When you’re viewing a sales page, you see information about a problem, a proposed solution, and the product being offered. It also gives you information about the advantages of the product over the competition, why it’s the “best” option, what innovations it applies, and other things to entice you.

With all of that in mind, you already know that the page is pitching a product to you. Once you become interested, of course you would like to know how you can either buy the product or try it out first. The call to action button at the end of the sales page capitalises on that expectation.

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Other landing pages don’t directly pitch to you a product; rather, they describe a problem you might have. Or it could be a problem you didn’t know you had. Then, as you scroll along, the page presents more and more details about that problem, who are similarly affected, its consequences, why you should care, and so on. Sometimes the message may excite you a lot. Other times, it may also scare you.

Knowing that information, you would now like to know how to address that problem. But at the end of the landing page, you don’t find an answer. But you do find a field that says “Download our free report now”, with fields for you to type in your name and email address.

The idea here is probing your curious mind. The page tries to catch your attention, and once it does, you become very curious. You’d like to find answers. The call to action takes advantage of that curiosity. So if you really would like to get answers, you would likely enter your name and email address to download their report. You’d do that just to satisfy your curiosity.
When a marketing technique takes advantage of our psychology, most of the time it works. So if you have an online business in the UK, and have a website, make sure it has a clearly visible call to action! Soon enough, your stats will speak for themselves.


Calls to action are also important when making videos. That, along with 2 other things, make a good marketing video.


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