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How To Protect Your Online Security?

Are you going on vacation anytime soon, but still want to work a bit on your online business? Be careful around public WiFi networks to keep the identity thieves and hackers at bay.

Watch our quick video guide on how to protect your online security while on vacation.

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Finding online side hustles that actually work (2019)

Finding online side hustles that actually work (2019)

If you want to identify online side hustles that actually work its’ best to look at those categories which have stood the test of time online. So what are those categories?

Research has shown there are five main categories which have proven successful for people to start their own side hustle.


This is by far the easiest and cheapest category to start because you don’t need to create your own product because it’s you. Search for freelance sites, there you’ll find they have hundreds of mini projects or task-based work (often referred to as ‘gigs’) that you can pitch for. All you need to do is to find the gigs that match your own skills and submit your proposal thereby getting people to pay for your services.

Affiliates, partners, joint ventures.

This is an almost free online side hustle, again because you don’t need your own product. Affiliation, partnering or JV ’s is all about promoting others’ products that you know and trust. Although you don’t need to develop a product you will need to build an audience, most likely through social media, blogging or review sites or videos so that people will act on your recommendation.


Unless you live on a desert island, almost everyone knows about e-commerce. In its simplest form it’s opening a retail business online. There are many courses that you can invest in, there’s also an abundance of free tutorials and online courses available if you know where to look.


One of the main issues of running an e-commerce business is managing all the various parts of the business such as branding, marketing, getting products to the customers, and keeping control of stock to name but a few.

Sites like Amazon and Shopify make this look easy and when you scale up your e-commerce business it’s possible to automate pretty much the full end-to-end business model.

Courses and programs.

Information products can be a great side hustle that over time can become your full-time income stream. It takes time to be established and it’s important your potential customers recognise and associate you as an expert in the information you are promoting.

Your course should demonstrate and deliver the solution that your audience struggles with. Get this right and you will have an evergreen source of income.


SAAS or software as a service is essentially the development of a software application that can be used offline or online. It’s a program that helps to solve a problem or help to leverage specific other resources.

A great example of a SAAS is Sumo, which helps solve the problem of generating leads for businesses. The hardest part of running a SaaS business is to stay competitive because frankly, anyone can just copy your software idea nowadays.

These are the main categories where you will find a good audience reach for your side hustle. They each require different resources, skill sets, and experience.

If you haven’t yet decided on your side hustle but want to make money from it quickly. Then the easiest one to start will be offering a service or services, by way of Gigs.

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side hustle that work

5 side hustles that actually work in 2019

5 side hustles that actually work in 2019

2 ½ months in to 2019 already! What have you done with those new year resolutions?

Have you actually started your online business already, or is it still just a distant dream, or worse it’s a distant memory?

Remember when you were all fired up to make 2019 ‘The Year!’ ? This year would be different – right?

Well, if you did take action and start your new side hustle good for you! Go get ‘em tiger. But if you didn’t maybe these 5 side hustles that actually work, might motivate you to kickstart your new future life for yourself!

Here’s 5 side hustles that actually work:


There are now sooooo many online agencies that you can sign up for to find projects or mini-jobs to work from home. Just search ‘freelance, work from home, or similar in your favourite search engine and then register for the agencies.

It’s important that you have a professional profile along with a professional email, if you have your email account from when you were at school, or you find your names taken unless you really do have numerals in your name (like ‘ janedoe20876@maildomain’ ), then find a suitable professional looking name.

If you already have a domain name it’s worth paying for a domain email account since it’s so much more professional. If you have already done work either full time or voluntarily for other people, ask them to leave references for you on your new profile.

Also, get yourself or update your LinkedIn profile with your new side hustle and add as many links to the freelance sites you are registered to. Then start putting together proposals for advertised projects or jobs that other people post on these sites. Here’s some sites you can consider – there are plenty more; Some of our favourites are UpWork, Freelancer, Guru and even Fiverr


Are you one of these techie people who just love to try to break other people’s programs? You are? Well, this might just be the side hustle you need!

Software and websites have bugs and will often need testing, even existing sites that just had an upgrade. Why not get paid for just trying to break things? Most of the time all you need do is run a few scenarios and then write it up, you’re getting paid to report what happens.

Here’s a few ‘testing’ websites to help get you started:, Userlytics, TryMyUI, and Userfeel.

Arts ‘n Crafts

Are you good with your hands? Are you creative? That hobby you have making miniature golf courses, for example, could be a very nice little business. Unique gifts that are personal and hand made are always in demand and sites like Etsy and Shopify are great online marketplaces to sell your wares.

If you are a good designer, perhaps you can make unique printable designs that can be placed on to mugs or even T-shirts? Go on, give it a go!

The numbers guy, or gal

Not that PC I know, but well, anyhoo…. Are you good with numbers, done any accountancy work or ledger work in the past? You have great then maybe you can set yourself up as a ledger clerk or bookkeeper for small firms or self-employed businesses.

Believe me, they’ll be thankful for someone to drop their receipts and books to who can put the papers into a nice neat pile for their accountant. In fact, accountants often look for someone to that work for them, many small businesses and self-employed people don’t keep good books. It might take you a while to get a number of customers, but when you do you’ll generally have them for ‘life’.

Last but not least…

Proof of live (or is that life?)

You like reading? You must do if you’ve got this far through the article, joke, ha ha. I’m talking about proofreading. If you like learning new information, enjoy reading or you are OCD when it comes to spelling and grammar, then proofreading is a great side hustle that actually works.

There is more and more written stuff these days, in paper and electronic and if the author wants to be taken seriously and have a good following then the writing has to be god… oops I mean good, see what I did there? LOL.

You can proofread articles, student thesis, blogs, reports, books even. You’ll learn a lot and get paid to do it. You could even start a blog of the interesting and varied subjects you read about….

There you are; 5 side hustles that actually work in 2019. I hope you enjoyed the read and …..

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Peter Bright and the MBT Team

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5 Business Coaching Tips for Newbies (2019)

5 Business Coaching Tips for Newbies (2019)

When you start out on the long road to running a successful business, be it online or from your own home, you’ll come across challenges and personalities you’ll wish you could have avoided.

But after all, everyday’s a school day and there are always life lessons to be learned.

I thought I’d share with you some “coaching tips for newbies” things I wish I’d known when starting out….

Overcoming adversity, through tenacity.

Ploughing through adversity is one of the very best personal development experiences I’ve had. I always used to put my ‘never give up’ attitude to me just being pig-headed. But no, it turns out it’s a very good personal skill to have, I only discovered later that what I thought was being a bit stubborn – not letting go until something is either done or broken, is actually tenacity.

Everyone starting their own enterprise goes through some degree of hardship, the more you do and the more you don’t stop will build valuable personal and professional skills.

Tenacity, perseverance, adapting to and managing change, agility, resilience, humility and grit all help to equip you for success. 

Take time to think – but don’t procrastinate

Thinking time, you need this, especially in the early days/weeks/months of starting your business. Go for a walk sometimes, just to clear your head before taking action can even help you see a different way of approaching a situation or a perceived blocker.

But be careful that you don’t let thinking turn into non-action.

There are many ways to procrastinate so be aware and conscious of what you are focussing on and what your end-game is.

We are all in the values business.

There’s a saying, people don’t care what you know (or offer) until they know how much you care. Taking a look at your business and knowing what it offers is just one side.

Try to think of your business from that of your ideal customer. Look at what he/she wants to receive, how they feel when their desires are met, conversely – when they aren’t. What value do your customers place on the different channels or services that you offer?

Find and nurture your best talent.

I don’t mean talent in a team / network way, although that is important as you grow. No, I mean your personal talent. Are you good at writing, do you prefer one-to-one meetings, telephone, maybe you enjoy being in front of a camera?

These are all talents, some lend themselves better to your enterprise than others. Some work better as a channel for you to find customers.

Find your talent and build on it.

The final tip I can give for now is

finding a small group of good people who can help you build your team.

These can be assistants, part-time help, friends or mentors. People you know, some you may have to pay, others will volunteer their time and skills for you – depending on your relationship.

Pick people who want you to succeed, keep away from negative people and doomsayers. Build a team of positive influence and your business will almost certainly succeed. 

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Are you ready for your very own Mentor (2019)?

If you missed my article on why I don’t do coaching but why I approve of mentors, go and take a look under the title ‘Why I don’t do coaching, but I will mentor you’

Well, it’s okay thinking you need a mentor, but what if you’re not ready for a mentor? Engaging with a mentor at the wrong time, or even the wrong mentor, could prove just as damaging for your business and your own self-confidence. You need to have the right mindset and be open to mentorship.

Here’s a simple quiz you can take that will help you decide if you’re ready for a Mentor.

Follow the approach below and decide for yourself.

Guide: Answer each question as either; No, Not Sure or Yes. Count all the answers for each response. And then review the key after the questions.

How true are these statements?

I can be relied upon to take being mentored seriously.

I believe this is the right time for me to accept mentoring.

I am fully willing to do the work and let the mentor guide m.

I keep my word without struggling or sabotaging.

I will approach the mentorship with an open mind and try out new ideas.

I will be honest with myself and my mentor.

I will be open and honest with my mentor and will express my expectations as they come to mind.

I will stop self-defeating behaviours which have limited my success.

I see mentoring as a worthwhile investment in my business and my life.

I am able to appreciate the success I gain from being mentored.

Now, count the number of No’s, Not Sure’s and Yes’s.

5 or more No’s – sorry you’re not ready. Maybe take a good look at how your business is progressing and also look at widening your reading material, look for successful people you would like to be like and read as much as you can of what they write or talk about including their autobiography. Retake the quiz when you feel more confident.

5 or more Not Sure’s – sorry, you’re not ready. You should also take the same approach as having 5 + No’s. You need to be more self-confident and self-assured. Become more proactive and determined. Once you are more proactive and can start to feel and see progress in your business, retake the quiz.

5 – 7 Yes’s – You are ready for a mentor, you will need to be completely honest and straight with your mentor. It’s very likely you will both have to work at it, but with focus and action you can progress and get a great benefit from being mentored.

8 + Yes’s – You absolutely will gain from mentoring. Find a mentor you can work with and get them to challenge you and make you accountable for all your actions.

I hope this has given you food for thought, if you are serious about growing your business or even looking to extend your options in your career, then a mentor can be a very useful addition to your support team.

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business coaching

Business coaching, is it a waste of time and your money?

Is business coaching a waste of time and money?

That depends.

I know, that’s a sh##ty answer….

Every man (or woman) and his dog now seems to add coaching to their list of skills and services. But that’s part of the problem. The thing is many of these coaches don’t even look at what a business is doing or even should be doing.

No, the current fad is to focus on the mindset, or what motivates the business owner / entrepreneur / executive.

Or may their emotions, or what their life’s purpose is….

Too many so-called business coaches aren’t looking how to implement the proven best-practice systems and success strategies that cannot NOT only turn a business around but will actually grow the business.

Most of these business coaching programs spend time trying to motivate the business owner / executive and discussing how he or she feels. That’s what your therapist is for!

No, you want your business coach to focus on developing the business, help with marketing and ultimately selling more of the business’s products or services.

I get it, there is a place for hiring therapists, psychologists and life coaches, but that’s not what you want from your business coach.

A good business coach wants to help real business owners and executives grow their businesses or career in clearly defined and measurable goals, through discovering blockers and implementing proven best-practice systems and processes that smash through the blockers and accelerate the business.

Often the business owner or executive is too close, too involved to see clearly what is holding them back and many of the solutions can appear to be too complex and difficult to implement on their own. That’s when you need proper coaching and maybe even mentorship.

Business coaching has the ability to transform your business when it’s focussed on improving your business or career and not on the ‘soft skills’ that formulate amateurish therapy sessions.

Eric Schmidt, a one-time executive chairman of Google; once remarked: “How could a coach advise me if I’m the best person in the world at this?”

But he was missing the point. A coach doesn’t do that, a good coach observes and gets you, the executive or business owner to be the best that you can be. No amount of fluffy ‘how does that make you feel’ therapy is going to get you there.

A great business coach can make changes in your business that will make positive changes in your personal life too! A bad coach, well at best you’ll lose your time and money invested in them and nothing else. At worst you could lose everything.

So, find a coach for the area of your life (or business) that you need, don’t pick a business coach who claims to need to fix your head before your business.

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compress your videos for free

How To Compress Your Videos Without Using Any Software

I’ve a question for you…. Can you get the same quality from a smaller size? How can you compress your videos without using any tool or having to pay for a software?

As I stared out of my study window at the bright sunny day here in Barcelona, I was thinking, what golden nugget can I share with you that could make a big difference to your morning?

And I remembered a clever, well I think it is anyway, way to reduce the file size of videos or simply compress your videos without losing the quality, as I suggested in the subject title.

Some of you may have been thinking I was going to take this email in another direction, but I wouldn’t do that to you.

I recently invested in an online course, don’t worry I am not promoting it to you today. The first video lesson, on growing your list, was great. Only thing is, the file size was 1.1GB – which is huge, in today’s world, for a 55-minute video not to mention a waste of space on my hard drive.

So I used this simple tip I picked up from one of my business partners.

I uploaded the 1.1GB video to my YouTube account, making sure I had set the option to “Private” beforehand.

One the video had finished processing and was uploaded to my YouTube channel, I just downloaded the video by selecting “Download MP4” from the menu on the Video Manager page.

Once it had downloaded to my Mac and I checked that it played, I deleted the version of the video from my YouTube account. That video, because it was ‘private’ never saw the light of day on my YouTube channel!

compress your videos

So what was the point of doing all this? Well, I now have a video of 185 MB, rather than the original 1.1GB but the picture quality is virtually the same.

Before discovering this trick, you would probably have used programs like Handbrake to do this. Or some other convoluted application that would take ages to set up and configure how you wanted it to cop

YouTube has done a great job on making it easy for people like us to easily process videos and this is a nifty little trick you can take advantage of.

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BREXIT and what you should do?

BREXIT and what you should do?

If you’re in the UK or Europe this has to be the biggest topic of discussion and discontent (outside of the Spanish / Catalan independence fight).

Whoever you listen to, whichever side you fall on personally, neither seems to have a happy ending or a silver bullet that puts this right.

I don’t want to be too political here or offer my opinion on the pros and cons of in or out. I do know that it’s confusing and has created levels of uncertainty wherever you turn.

So, what can YOU do about it?

Stop looking outside to the politicians or big corporations, even to your own employer, it is – and always has been, in your own hands.

If you haven’t already started your own business or looked at strategies to create multiple streams of income, you better do it now.

In or out of the European Community, the UK economy can’t be your only market, do what the Global Corporations do – and go global. The world wide web is your access to the global economy, if I were you, that’s where I’d start!

brexit and what you should do

What’s the use of having traditional bricks and mortar business and you have to rely on people walking into your store? The internet opens up the global stage to you where potentially millions of people can find your business if you know how to get them to it!

Think about that for a minute.

Until next time, thanks for reading.

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Commit To Success – We Are Part Of Your Team,

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It’s Crunch Time: How To Stop Being Overwhelmed?

I was chatting with an old, well not that old actually, friend a few days ago.


She was telling me how she was struggling to keep focused on her tasks with so many other distractions in her schedule, kids squealing around her, her partner getting grumpy (‘you never have time for me’), she can’t concentrate and get things done.

crunch time

‘Stop!’ I said


Get a grip girl! Clearly not the right thing to say to a woman – especially coming from a man. She looked at me through those evil squinty eyes, you know that look – right, but before I turned to stone I said…


‘Look, cut down the time you’re working on your business and get more focussed – crunch your time – all of it!’


As she sipped her G&T she whispered ‘crunch it – FFS’


‘Yes, crunch it’


I went on to explain crunching time. Or It’s crunch time!


Take a piece of work or task, or pretty much anything you have to do and do ONLY that one thing / task. So, let’s say you have to spend some time with you kids, helping them study, then just do that – and only that! Your kids will love you for it as they get your undivided attention, your other half will love it as they get some ‘me time’. Win – win -win.


Here’s the thing – you have to have rules!


You and they have to commit to this new way of being… as much as is possible, in these crunch times that you set.

crunching time

The rules –


1 – Focus only on that one task no distractions

2 – No one is allowed to interrupt during the crunch session – it breaks the momentum and impacts on the output.

3 – Crunch time is only 40 minutes

4 – When it’s over it’s done

5 – Take a break (10 minutes should do it)

6 – Move to the next crunch or free time


She looked up from her now half full G&T and smiled.

‘That just might work’, she said.


‘There’s no might’ I replied – and I’ll have what your drinking – thanks.


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