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How To Compress Your Videos Without Using Any Software

I’ve a question for you…. Can you get the same quality from a smaller size? How can you compress your videos without using any tool or having to pay for a software?

As I stared out of my study window at the bright sunny day here in Barcelona, I was thinking, what golden nugget can I share with you that could make a big difference to your morning?


And I remembered a clever, well I think it is anyway, way to reduce the file size of videos or simply compress your videos without losing the quality, as I suggested in the subject title.

Some of you may have been thinking I was going to take this email in another direction, but I wouldn’t do that to you.

I recently invested in an online course, don’t worry I am not promoting it to you today. The first video lesson, on growing your list, was great. Only thing is, the file size was 1.1GB – which is huge, in today’s world, for a 55-minute video not to mention a waste of space on my hard drive.

So I used this simple tip I picked up from one of my business partners.

I uploaded the 1.1GB video to my YouTube account, making sure I had set the option to “Private” beforehand.

One the video had finished processing and was uploaded to my YouTube channel, I just downloaded the video by selecting “Download MP4” from the menu on the Video Manager page.

Once it had downloaded to my Mac and I checked that it played, I deleted the version of the video from my YouTube account. That video, because it was ‘private’ never saw the light of day on my YouTube channel!

compress your videos

So what was the point of doing all this? Well, I now have a video of 185 MB, rather than the original 1.1GB but the picture quality is virtually the same.

Before discovering this trick, you would probably have used programs like Handbrake to do this. Or some other convoluted application that would take ages to set up and configure how you wanted it to cop

YouTube has done a great job on making it easy for people like us to easily process videos and this is a nifty little trick you can take advantage of.

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BREXIT and what you should do?

BREXIT and what you should do?

If you’re in the UK or Europe this has to be the biggest topic of discussion and discontent (outside of the Spanish / Catalan independence fight).

Whoever you listen to, whichever side you fall on personally, neither seems to have a happy ending or a silver bullet that puts this right.


I don’t want to be too political here or offer my opinion on the pros and cons of in or out. I do know that it’s confusing and has created levels of uncertainty wherever you turn.

So, what can YOU do about it?

Stop looking outside to the politicians or big corporations, even to your own employer, it is – and always has been, in your own hands.

If you haven’t already started your own business or looked at strategies to create multiple streams of income, you better do it now.

In or out of the European Community, the UK economy can’t be your only market, do what the Global Corporations do – and go global. The world wide web is your access to the global economy, if I were you, that’s where I’d start!

brexit and what you should do

What’s the use of having traditional bricks and mortar business and you have to rely on people walking into your store? The internet opens up the global stage to you where potentially millions of people can find your business if you know how to get them to it!

Think about that for a minute.

Until next time, thanks for reading.

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It’s Crunch Time: How To Stop Being Overwhelmed?

I was chatting with an old, well not that old actually, friend a few days ago.


She was telling me how she was struggling to keep focused on her tasks with so many other distractions in her schedule, kids squealing around her, her partner getting grumpy (‘you never have time for me’), she can’t concentrate and get things done.

crunch time

‘Stop!’ I said


Get a grip girl! Clearly not the right thing to say to a woman – especially coming from a man. She looked at me through those evil squinty eyes, you know that look – right, but before I turned to stone I said…


‘Look, cut down the time you’re working on your business and get more focussed – crunch your time – all of it!’


As she sipped her G&T she whispered ‘crunch it – FFS’


‘Yes, crunch it’


I went on to explain crunching time. Or It’s crunch time!


Take a piece of work or task, or pretty much anything you have to do and do ONLY that one thing / task. So, let’s say you have to spend some time with you kids, helping them study, then just do that – and only that! Your kids will love you for it as they get your undivided attention, your other half will love it as they get some ‘me time’. Win – win -win.


Here’s the thing – you have to have rules!


You and they have to commit to this new way of being… as much as is possible, in these crunch times that you set.

crunching time

The rules –


1 – Focus only on that one task no distractions

2 – No one is allowed to interrupt during the crunch session – it breaks the momentum and impacts on the output.

3 – Crunch time is only 40 minutes

4 – When it’s over it’s done

5 – Take a break (10 minutes should do it)

6 – Move to the next crunch or free time


She looked up from her now half full G&T and smiled.

‘That just might work’, she said.


‘There’s no might’ I replied – and I’ll have what your drinking – thanks.


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iPocket Video Review 2018

iPocket Video Review 2018 by MyBizTips

This is my short video review of the great smartphone video training course – iPocket Video Review 2018 by MyBizTips. Today’s smartphones and iPhones have excellent video quality and most have high definition and 4k.

You no longer need to invest in expensive video equipment. You only need to learn how to get the best from your phone! Now you too can make Hollywood quality videos that you’ll be proud of.

Ideal for personal use, just to improve your own video skills, or if you run a business add video production to your services.

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8 occupations that won’t exist by 2030

8 occupations that won’t exist by 2030

8 occupations that won’t exist by 2030? 8 jobs gone in 2030? What is this all about, Pete?

Hope you are doing well and all is rosy in your garden?

8 jobs gone in 2030

Well here’s a sobering thought, as the kids break up for the summer and get ready to return to school to study hard for that great career they are hoping to have, just take a look at the list of careers that technology (robots, AI, machine learning) will be replacing within the next 12 years.


I make no excuses or apologies for sharing this list and it’s NOT the only careers that will disappear from the face of the earth.


Don’t get me wrong, of course an education is important – if nothing else it gives direction and some level of discipline and focus (and a break from the online gaming community).

8 occupations that won’t exist by 2030

I’m all for learning, for me everyday is (still) a school day,  but you must always have a plan B.


So if you’re career is on the line – oops sorry, I mean list, you need a Plan B and that plan B should include your own income stream(s) that are not reliant on someone else paying for your time.


That said – here’s the list:


  1. Travel Agents – I don’t remember the last time I needed a travel agent to book my travel arrangements.
  2. Cashiers (or cash for that matter) – get used to it; “unexpected item in bagging area” is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable.
  3. Librarians – assuming people still want to lug the printed word (and those lovely pictures) around in a thick paper, or leather, bound cover, machines will be far more efficient at cataloguing and returning them to their shelves. Just a thought, not sure I’d want a late return RoboCop type librarian chasing me down for the fine, would you?
  4. Post Men (and Women) or is it Post Person now? Either way, the drones are coming, no longer the whistle or hum of an out of tune human, just the drone of the drone (see what I did there?)
  5. Sporting Officials, goal line technology, VAR, 365 degree video surveillance, who needs humans to make the wrong decision on a penalty or give the card to the wrong player? I do wonder though if a machine will spot the subtleties of a Neymar ‘simulation’.
  6. Sewing Machinist – no more snagged stitching on your $500 suit.
  7. Customer Service Agents – I’m sorry, get used to it, the good news is – no more ‘you are number 7 in the queue – please hold the line your call is important to us’ but; ‘enter 1 for sales, enter 2 for balance, enter 3 for ………. enter #99•47 for change of address…’
  8. Airline pilots, I don’t know about you – but that’s the scariest of them all.


There you have it, as I say, not an exhaustive list, but a few on there you may not have thought about.

occupations that won’t exist by 2030

Don’t have sleepless night, there’s new careers coming up everyday (if you really want one), until next time.

first step to starting your own business,

How to Earn Extra Money in Affiliate Marketing While Still Working 9-5?

Thinking of getting into affiliate marketing?

Start by creating a blog

Any blogging niche can make you money, as long as you know what you are doing. What does this mean? Affiliate marketing is not as easy s penning a blog, and then throwing in an affiliate link. Of course there is a possibility that it could work, and net you a sale, but if you are really serious about making extra money, then there are certain steps that you will be required to take.

UK affiliate marketers digital products

1. Understand Your Target Audience

The first step to starting your own business will require you to identify your target audience. Figure out who they are, and then determine their interests. Having done this, think about the businesses, companies, and products that fit in perfectly with the target audience you have identified.

Start preparing a list and noting down all the ideas that cross your mind. From here, determine whether these businesses and companies have affiliate programs. As a part of start your own online business startup, you will need to do lots of research.

start a small business in the UK

In the course of this research, you will find that most companies have affiliate programs, but they will not in any way make it easy for you to find this information.


2. Stick to Products and Services that You Would Personally Use

When recommending a product or service, make sure that you are not just tossing out links yet you know nothing about these products. If a person makes a purchase through your link, and the product they have purchased ends up being crappy, you can be sure that the said individual will no longer trust your links. A good way to market an affiliate product or service would be to draft a review of that product.

3. Market Your Affiliates Wherever You Can

When the review is complete, send it to your emailing list, post it on your social networking accounts, e.g., Facebook and Twitter, pin it on Pinterest, and be sure to share it with your Instagram followers as well.

Market the heck out of that review, and then let the internet do the rest.

Click here for more tips on how to earn extra money in affiliate marketing.

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online home business ideas

How To Earn Extra Money in Affiliate Marketing While Still Having a Full-time Job?

The growth of the internet has created many online home business ideas. One such idea is affiliate marketing. This is promoting other people’s products or services in exchange for a percentage of any sales that are made. Your main task is to send traffic to the merchant site.

Affiliate marketing

The main benefits of this method of generating passive income are that it requires a small amount of capital to start and fits the pace of a person. It is an excellent way of making extra revenue while still continuing with your full-time job.

Affiliate marketing is a flexible means of income since one can choose any product or services that best suits him/her in terms of sales. You aren’t permanently embedded in one item that doesn’t sell. Marketers can dump such items at will and choose another one.

To become successful in affiliate marketing, you need to have the right tools. One should have a working PC or laptop, good internet connectivity, and excellent marketing skills. Marketing skills determine the number of sales one makes.
UK small business

The more the sales, the more the income one generates and vice versa. Article writing and blogging are the two main techniques employed in marketing. Blogging is more preferred by many as it is interactive. This gives the blogger higher chances of converting traffic into sales.

Choice of niche is essential for gaining success in affiliate marketing. Conduct research ensures the niche you settle for is profitable. The loyalty of your traffic matters in this form of online money making. Therefore provide them with quality content that they can’t find anywhere else. This will keep them engaged which will result in repeated business. Always give them a reason to come back to your site/blog.
Although affiliate marketing is an excellent way of making passive income, it requires a lot of patience. Gaining audience and brand isn’t a simple thing and will need hard work. If you adhere to the rules of marketing, you will get the ball rolling within a short time. You will be generating income on autopilot once you get the hang of affiliate marketing.
online home business ideas
You have to remember the choice of affiliate marketer or program determines how successful you will be in making money online.
An excellent example of a legitimate program is the Two Trap Greyhound System. It is a great program to help you earn extra income while having a full-time job.
If you are serious about affiliate marketing, follow me as I begin my research to find my next online income stream. Get inside my VIP newsletter list here and I will give you ideas on what to consider when looking for an online business.
drive traffic website


For some, starting an online business in the UK may seem like a daunting task. There are a hundred of things you need to consider to get things moving and finally see your home business ideas take off.

In fact, a lot of internet-based start-ups have failed mainly due to the lack of foresight and careful planning despite the abundance of small business tips available on the web.

Watch this quick video on 5 WAYS TO DRIVE TRAFFIC TO YOUR WEBSITE


Some useful readings for you:

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Read Top 3 Things You Should Remember in Starting an Online Business

Why not start it by grabbing a copy of our FREE eBook guide on home-based business!

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3 tips in finding your niche

3 Tips in Finding Your Niche | Free Small Business Ideas

Here are the easy 3 tips in finding your niche.

Are you planning to start your own online business in UK? If yes then you have made the right choice. A home based business is not only convenient but it also gives you flexibility.

3 tips in finding your niche

However, just like any other business, you need to identify the right niche that suits your personality and passion if you want to be successful. The success of your home based business will depend on the niche that you have chosen.


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Side note: Are you into Greyhound racing? You’re going to love this:

Visit to learn more about how you can win in the races consistently!

And if you like to keep on learning, wouldn’t it be great to get regular updates in your inbox, so you won’t miss anything? So if you haven’t done so already, apply for our small business tips newsletter. Leave your details on that page and I’ll send you my free report, “Online Business Ideas”.

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sale ribbon tag red

How To Make Money on Ebay? Home Based Business in The UK | Small Business Tips United Kingdom

How To Make Money on Ebay? When you’re starting an online business, take a good look at eBay. With 162 million active users, eBay can be a good platform for you to connect with your potential clients.

Unfortunately, an eBay home based business in the UK isn’t a walk in the park. There are more people, who failed, than those who succeeded in selling their products online. You may be wondering why on earth that is. It’s because the market is saturated. Since there are so many people selling the same type of products, they are compelled to slash their prices to a point that it is almost impossible to earn profits. Even if this is the situation, keep your hopes high. After all, selling on eBay is a great home business idea.

Any business requires time, capital, and effort. Because of this, don’t expect that your eBay home based business in the UK will achieve success overnight. You’ll have to study the market and apply the tools and strategies to make your business profitable.




Hard work, a good business plan and strategy, and a positive attitude are your keys to starting an online business and make money on ebay! Click here for more home business ideas and small business tips. 

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