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Identify Your Niche and Target Market

The first and probably the most important step is to identify your niche. The niche is basically the business or activity which you are best suited for and which you would like to pursue as the means of making money onlineRead more

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3 Tips for Avoiding Malware Online [VIDEO]

Malware is a terrible thing to get from the internet. Your entire online presence could be hijacked, you could have your money stolen, and worst of all, it could destroy your business. But there are ways to avoid them.

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3 Google Services for Your Online Business [VIDEO]

Google offers some excellent cloud-based services for your online business in the UK. The best part is that most of them are free, just like these three.

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2 Tips for Better Readability [VIDEO]

In the world of online marketing, content is still king. But with so much content available online, yours has to stand out from the rest. One great way to have your content stand out is through good readability.

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3 Essentials for an Effective Website [VIDEO]

If you have an online business in the UK, chances are you have a website. But of course, that website is no use without good design. And it certainly can’t be effective if not crafted carefully.

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Why Do You Need a Call To Action? [VIDEO]

Many articles, web pages, and even videos have this so-called “call to action” at the end. It’s usually at the bottom of a web page, infographic, or article, or at the last few seconds of a video. What’s the idea behind them?

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Making Videos on a Budget [VIDEO]

Do you take advantage of the power of video for your online business in the UK? If not, then now is the time. But what if you don’t have the equipment, nor the budget to buy them?

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Adding After-Sales Value to Your Products [Video]

What happens after people buy your product? Is that it? Will they come back to buy again from you?

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Use Your Phone to Protect Yourself from Hackers [Video]

Cybersecurity is a hot topic these days. Ever heard of those horror stories where people got money stolen from them? That’s grim. But it’s very possible in the modern, connected world.

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How to Improve Your Brand Recognition [Video]

Good brand recognition is great for your UK home business. It means that more people know quite well about your products and services. The more readily people recognise your business, the bigger your market share. And in turn, the more money you can make.

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