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Going on Vacation? Don’t Compromise Your Online Security [Video]

Just a few days till Christmas. I suppose a lot of people are looking forward to a vacation. You must be one of them. I am too.

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2 Guidelines for Avoiding Affiliate Marketing Scams [Video]

Get rich quick scams still abound, even on the Internet. It’s even inched its way into the world of affiliate marketing, and that’s a bad thing. Especially if you’re planning to become an affiliate.

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Why Should Your Landing Pages be Mobile-Friendly? [Video]

As you may have read before, mobile traffic takes up a huge percentage of internet activity today. People can do most everything just with their phones, from reading the news to booking a flight.

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Content Idea for Affiliates: Product Reviews [Video]

As an affiliate, it’s good to have a lot of knowledge about your chosen niche. This means you can write a lot of useful content about it, and establish yourself as an authority in that niche. But what kind of content should you write?

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Why You Should Know A Lot About Your Niche [Video]

When you’re doing affiliate marketing, one really important thing is having a lot of knowledge about the niche you have chosen. It doesn’t only make things easier for you; it also allows you to write a lot of content.

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2 Ways to Beat the Stress of Working From Home [Video]

For most employees, it’s TGIF. But if you have a home business in the UK or are working from home, it’s just another day. Because of that, you might feel a little stressed even if you’re just at home most of the time.

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3 of the Best UK Affiliate Marketing Networks to Join [Video]

TGIF! In today’s video, I’ll give you additional tips to start off with affiliate marketing. Specifically, three of the best affiliate networks to join in the UK.

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The Best Place To Post Your Affiliate Links [Video]

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online. It can also give you passive income, because the affiliate links make money even if you’re not doing anything to them. Truly, it’s an excellent UK online business idea.

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Clickbank UK: What Exactly is Affiliate Marketing? [Video]

I’ve been talking a lot about Clickbank UK recently: how to pick products, using statistics, and even understanding that thing called “Gravity”. I’m quite confident you learned a lot of things that you can apply to your own UK online business. But I haven’t told you yet what “affiliate marketing” really is. Read more

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Clickbank UK: What is Gravity? [Video]

Last week’s video told you about the 3 vital statistics to watch out for when picking products on Clickbank UK. One of those stats is gravity. So what is this “gravity” thing, really?

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