General tips for growing your home based business

Why does every business needs a website?

The Internet is a game-changer ever since it was made available to the commercial public. It has given us more convenience than any other technology ever invented. If we want information, we no longer need to get out there; we can just stay home, type in what we want to know in Google’s search box, and get all the information we need, right from the comfort of our own homes. Because practically anything can be found online these days, it is all the more important for any business to have its own website. That is why every business needs a website.  Read more

It’s time for your to STOP GAMBLING and START TRADING

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Small Online Business Tip – Website Catalogues

Websites are relatively new, but the purpose they serve and the principles governing them are the same as the oldest marketing medium – the mail order catalogue. Let’s look at all the good things a catalogue does and whether they apply to the internet, and more importantly, if you could use these principles into transforming your website design into something much more customer-friendly, easier to use, and overall deliver a more pleasurable online marketing experience. Read more

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Why You Should Invest in Project Management Software

Are you working with a team to run your small business in the UK? If you are, then it’s likely that you hold regular meetings to catch up on tasks and lay out new things to be done. Certainly, having regular meetings is a good way of doing project management, but meetings suck up a lot of time. But thankfully, it’s the 21st century, so there is a better way.

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What’s the Difference Between Frontend and Backend?

If you’ve ever dabbled in web design, I’m sure you’ve heard of the terms frontend and backend. Many of you may already be familiar with what they mean. But for those who aren’t yet, especially those who just got started, this one is for you.

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What is Website Flipping and How Can You Earn From It?

Website flipping seems to be a good online business opportunity. You can even earn millions from it, if you do it well and have the patience for it. So what is it all about, and how is it possible to earn that much from it?

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3 Google Services for Your Online Business [VIDEO]

Google offers some excellent cloud-based services for your online business in the UK. The best part is that most of them are free, just like these three.

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Take Advantage of Website Builders to Create Your Website

Hiring web development experts is still the best thing to do if your business needs a website. Still, to each their own methods. So what if you’d rather build the website yourself? Well, no need to worry, since web designing is easier than ever thanks to modern website builders.

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Create Subscriptions With Cancel Anytime Features

Last time, I talked about why it’s a good idea to create subscription services. It’s a good revenue stream, and it can also make products more affordable for customers. But there’s an added aspect of subscription services that you shouldn’t do without – and that’s giving customers the choice to cancel anytime.

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How to Learn the Skills You Need Without Going to School

Traditional thinking would tell you that if you really want to know as much as you can about running a business, you need to take an MBA. There are lots of universities offering MBA courses, but not everyone can afford it. And not everyone wants to take an MBA. Moreover, not everyone needs an MBA. Especially today.

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