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Why You Should Create a Subscription Service

You may have noticed it with many cloud-based services today. They ask you to pay some amount monthly or annually. Also, it’s billed automatically at a specific date of every month or a specific month of every year. These so-called subscription services are becoming increasingly popular, and nearly everyone is following suit: Adobe with their Creative Cloud, Dropbox, Slack, Hootsuite, and many others.

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If You Want to Make Money Online, Don’t Work For Free

For people doing freelance work or just starting out their online business in the UK, getting clients is indeed a challenge. Not a lot of people want to hire the new guys; many prefer those with experience. Desperation can sometimes even force you to sell yourself short.

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3 Tips for Effectively Dealing with Conflict

Whenever you’re working with a team, there will always be times where you’ll face conflict. Disagreements and misunderstandings, if not handled well, may escalate into hostile encounters. But of course, you’re running a business, not a boxing ring, so it’s best to avoid getting into a fight.

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3 Ways to Track your Business Expenses [INFOGRAPHIC]

Tracking the expenses related to your business is an important part of any business, big or small. Knowing where your money goes, you would then know what you should spend more on, as well as what you should cut spending on. It’s a huge part of continually improving your business.

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What is Your Vision for Your Business?

If you’ve ever been to any job interview, more likely than not you’ve heard of this question: “Where do you see yourself in five years?” It may be cliche, but it’s actually a good question. Only those with a vision for themselves can answer that question well.

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Why Should You Use Targeted Adverts?

In the internet age, advertising is more alive than ever. Online adverts are everywhere – in websites, inside of apps, in social media, and even in online video. But unlike before, the strategies today have changed a lot.

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Focus on People’s Potentials, Not Their Problems

Everyone has their own talents and skills. Some people are good at organisation, some are good at design, and some have great people skills. These and many more other diverse talents are what makes a team function effectively. But of course, the world isn’t so perfect.

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Watch Out for WannaCry! (And 3 Tips to Avoid It)

Recently, there’s been a piece of malicious software (aka malware) that’s been circulating around the worldwide web called WannaCry. It’s a particularly nasty piece of malware, because you could lose access to all of your computer’s files once you get it.

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3 Reasons Google Hangouts is Better Than Skype

If you’re doing freelancing or have an online business in the UK, you’ve probably used Skype. In fact, even those not into online business know about Skype. It’s an easy way to communicate with other people anywhere they may be in the world, through chat, voice, and video calling. Skype isn’t perfect though; it has its issues.

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5 Ways to Inspire People to Do Their Best

Great leaders inspire people to be their best and to do their best work. If you have a team of people working with you, ask yourself: “Am I doing something to make them do the best that they can do?”

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