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2019 goals and how to set them

Your 2019 Goals and How To Set Them

Your 2019 Goals and How To Set Them

Starting a home-based business has a lot of advantages. First, you can work at your own time and preference. Second, you don’t have a boss breathing down your neck. Third, you need not endure the daily traffic and pollution on the road.

Finally, you can earn a hefty pay. This video is a Free supplement for those who subscribed to our newsletter but we are sharing it here for you guys to help you and Your 2019 Goals and How To Set Them.  You can get your pen and paper to take down notes if you wish. It’s a 14-minute with a lot of great stuff!

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Peter Bright and the MBT Team

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compress your videos for free

How To Compress Your Videos Without Using Any Software

I’ve a question for you…. Can you get the same quality from a smaller size? How can you compress your videos without using any tool or having to pay for a software?

As I stared out of my study window at the bright sunny day here in Barcelona, I was thinking, what golden nugget can I share with you that could make a big difference to your morning?

And I remembered a clever, well I think it is anyway, way to reduce the file size of videos or simply compress your videos without losing the quality, as I suggested in the subject title.

Some of you may have been thinking I was going to take this email in another direction, but I wouldn’t do that to you.

I recently invested in an online course, don’t worry I am not promoting it to you today. The first video lesson, on growing your list, was great. Only thing is, the file size was 1.1GB – which is huge, in today’s world, for a 55-minute video not to mention a waste of space on my hard drive.

So I used this simple tip I picked up from one of my business partners.

I uploaded the 1.1GB video to my YouTube account, making sure I had set the option to “Private” beforehand.

One the video had finished processing and was uploaded to my YouTube channel, I just downloaded the video by selecting “Download MP4” from the menu on the Video Manager page.

Once it had downloaded to my Mac and I checked that it played, I deleted the version of the video from my YouTube account. That video, because it was ‘private’ never saw the light of day on my YouTube channel!

compress your videos

So what was the point of doing all this? Well, I now have a video of 185 MB, rather than the original 1.1GB but the picture quality is virtually the same.

Before discovering this trick, you would probably have used programs like Handbrake to do this. Or some other convoluted application that would take ages to set up and configure how you wanted it to cop

YouTube has done a great job on making it easy for people like us to easily process videos and this is a nifty little trick you can take advantage of.

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brexit and what you should do

{CANT BE UNSEEN} 3 Start up tips you need to know

😉 3 Start up tips you need to know

I’ll keep this short today after my epic article about Getting other people to pay your kids through college.

Here’s a short list of tips on how to keep your new business on track….

To get your startup going – you have to START! Obvious right, well yes, but lack of action will keep you where you are now, best case, or worse – you’ll slide backwards. You’re enthusiastic about your idea get moving on it.

Make sure it’s legal. Obvious, but I just had to say it.

Check whether you need a licence, insurance or qualification to be able to start your business. You should already be aware of this as part of your due diligence.

Fail forward. Get going with your new business, make mistakes as you go.

Unless you are VERY lucky, in the first few months of building your new business you won’t have many customers, sadly it’s true. Now is the best time to learn the ropes so that when you make mistakes, believe me, you will, you will only upset a few people at the most, if anyone actually spots it. When you do, you can correct it the mistake and ‘fail forward’.

Get the tax facts and know where you stand.

Sorry, the dreaded inland revenue will want their cut for doing nothing, when you start out, don’t worry too much about this.

You should be able to get by on having an accountant do your numbers at the end of the year. Just keep simple financial records and keep every receipt – let your accountant figure it out at the end of the year.

Once you engage the services of an accountant, be aware that an accountant is qualified to do your financial statements, they are not tax experts or be able to offer you good tax advice on how to fully tax efficient.

As a suggestion, I recommend you employ a tax adviser at the same time you engage an accountant. It’s more important to discuss your business plan with a tax adviser than your accountant.

Until next time…

Commit To Success – We Are Part Of Your Team,

Peter Bright and the MBT Team

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BREXIT and what you should do?

BREXIT and what you should do?

If you’re in the UK or Europe this has to be the biggest topic of discussion and discontent (outside of the Spanish / Catalan independence fight).

Whoever you listen to, whichever side you fall on personally, neither seems to have a happy ending or a silver bullet that puts this right.

I don’t want to be too political here or offer my opinion on the pros and cons of in or out. I do know that it’s confusing and has created levels of uncertainty wherever you turn.

So, what can YOU do about it?

Stop looking outside to the politicians or big corporations, even to your own employer, it is – and always has been, in your own hands.

If you haven’t already started your own business or looked at strategies to create multiple streams of income, you better do it now.

In or out of the European Community, the UK economy can’t be your only market, do what the Global Corporations do – and go global. The world wide web is your access to the global economy, if I were you, that’s where I’d start!

brexit and what you should do

What’s the use of having traditional bricks and mortar business and you have to rely on people walking into your store? The internet opens up the global stage to you where potentially millions of people can find your business if you know how to get them to it!

Think about that for a minute.

Until next time, thanks for reading.

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Peter Bright and the MBT Team

work from home

Your Must Have 8 Essential Tools To Start Your Home Based Business

Here we are again, the end of yet another exciting week!

Hope yours has been as productive as mine!

If you’re new to this whole home based business idea and you’re still finding your feet, remember that it doesn’t matter whether you have a traditional real-world brick and mortar type business or an online one, in both cases the digital age pretty much forces us to have a presence online.

UK home business timesuck

With that said, and knowing how daunting it can be when first starting out, I thought I’d list 8 tools you can use in the first weeks of establishing your home-based business or your online presence to support your traditional one. Here goes…..

1 – Your own website domain and hosting using Hostgator

2 – An autoresponder (WTF is that? ) take a look at AWeber

3 – Squeeze Page / Optin page using the tool

4 – if you’re in e-commerce a shopping platform, you can use Shopify

5 – A Lead magnet ( pdf ebook creator) made using Designrr

6 – Video Production course; iPocket Video

7 – Helping hands; through freelancers/outsourcing  –  

8 – Confidence / motivation …..  ( )

Not that long an article today, it’s the weekend – take a chill pill, then start working on your future.

Until next time, thanks for reading.

If you’re working to a tight budget but would still like to get some coaching to get you started, I have partnered with a very successful online entrepreneur to provide an entry-level coaching course for only $27 one-time-payment, you can take a look here.

Commit To Success – We Are Part Of Your Team,

Peter Bright and the MBT Team

start your own online business

So You Want To Start Your Own Business?

So You Want To Start Your Own Business?

So you have decided to start your very own small business. Excellent decision! This is the first step to your financial freedom. Doesn’t everyone want that in life?

But you may want to know more first before starting out. That’s another good thing because knowledge is power. Knowing what to do beforehand gives you the power to do it the right way.

start your own online business

I’ve laid out a few things you need to know before starting your own small business.

The Why

It’s Monday. You wake up to your 6am alarm, and get yourself ready for the day’s work. Take a shower, eat breakfast, get dressed, walk out the door, get on the tube, enter the office, take your seat, and get to work. That’s the usual daily routine. The thought of starting a small business in the UK has never crossed your mind. Of course not, since you have lots of work to do.

We do the things we do for a reason. If you’re looking for exactly that, this is where to start. Read this article to find your why.

The What

What are you good at?
In other words, what are your skills? What sort of education do you have? What do you already have on you that you can use to make money? Let me give you some simple examples.

starting an online business

Let’s say you’re a good artist. That’s a skill. It’s something you can monetise. With that, you could set yourself up as a graphic designer. You could make logos for a price. You could make prints and sell them. You could also make shirt designs and sell them. It’s up to you.

Once you’ve found your why, the next question is “what”. What kind of a business should you start? Read this one to know more about finding the right business for you.

The How

Having the right attitudes is everything in business.
When you want to start your own UK small business, keep this in mind. How you think is as important as what you do. When thought and action align, you are on the path to success. And because it’s only you who can make your business succeed, it’s all the more important.

Now that you’ve identified the why and the what, now comes the “how”. How should you run the business? No, I’m not talking about strategies yet. That comes later.

It all starts in the mind. How, in terms of mindset, should you approach doing business? Read this one to find out.

4 Skills In Making An Effective Leader

How Good Of A Leader Are You? 4 Skills In Making An Effective Leader

How Good Of A Leader Are You? 4 Skills In Making An Effective Leader

Running a business, whether online or offline, big or small, demands good leadership skills. If you can’t lead your team well, your business will not grow and thrive. Your team will not work effectively if you don’t lead them the right way.

4 Skills In Making An Effective Leader

If you don’t have these skills yet, running a business is a great learning opportunity for you. You can be a great leader; just be willing to learn all the time.

Need help? I have you covered. Have a look at these recent leadership articles on MyBizTips to guide you through. These are the 4 skills in making you an effective leader.


If you’ve ever been to any job interview, more likely than not you’ve heard of this question: “Where do you see yourself in five years?” It may be cliche, but it’s actually a good question. Only those with a vision for themselves can answer that question well. What is your vision for your business? Do you even have one? It’s really important that you do. Read more here.


Great leaders inspire people to be their best and to do their best work. If you have a team of people working with you, ask yourself: “Am I doing something to make them do the best that they can do?”

A good leader inspires his people to do their best work. Do you? Here are some tips if you haven’t gotten the hang of it yet. Read more here.

Being a Good Mentor

Every CEO is at the top position for a reason. It’s not just to earn lots of money; being at the top includes the greatest responsibility of making sure the company runs smoothly. Part of that is being a mentor to the people under them.

small business ideas
As the owner of your business, you are your team’s mentor as well. If that intimidates you, don’t worry. Read here for some advice on becoming a good mentor.

Resolving Conflict

Whenever you’re working with a team, there will always be times where you’ll face conflict. Disagreements and misunderstandings, if not handled well, may escalate into hostile encounters. But of course, you’re running a business, not a boxing ring, so it’s best to avoid getting into a fight.

Inevitably, you and your team will run into conflicts. But it never has to turn into a fight. Here are some ways to defuse conflict and get something good out of it. Read here for some tips on resolving conflicts.





ideas into business

Turning Committed Ideas into a Business | Small Business Idea

Turning Committed Ideas into a Business | Small Business Idea

You’ll recall no doubt that we left this subject with you having identified those ideas on your list that you had said you would be committed to if you were able to start a home-based business in any / all of them. So what’s next for your small business idea?


Let’s put them all in the order in which you personally would love to have a business in that area; ignore cost issues, for now, just put them in the order your most committed to.

small business idea

Right – done that?


When you have, let go back to that startup cost question and close that off.


Look at your list, which of the small business ideas will require equipment that you don’t have or can’t reuse in order to get started? Look at those business ideas, ask yourself what can I do in the small business idea (market) that doesn’t involve all the equipment?


Is it possible I could outsource some of the tasks of the business to other people and allow me to start the business? Can I scale up (start small and grow)?

ideas into business

Just asking these questions, especially if your number one chose is on this list, will make you start to be creative in how you look at the business ideas, the more excited (committed) to a business the more creative you’ll be to find ways and to stay in business.


When you have done this and there is really no other way to start any of the home based business ideas, just strike it through. And forget about it. If you have strong pangs of disappointment over any you have removed, go back to it and ask yourself the questions above again.


Okay we’re done! Well, alright no we’re not, but we do now have the list of business ideas that we can consider as our home based business.


Next time we cover this topic we’ll look at which of those ideas have a real market and which ones don’t. That’ll be next week (not Sunday), so watch for next article.


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home based business

Getting Velocity in Your Home Based Business

Getting Velocity in Your Home Based Business

When you have laser-focus on your home based business goals you will achieve your goals that much faster. If you focus only half your time on things that are not in line with your goal….it will take you twice as long to achieve your goal.

But it gets worse than that.

Because focussing and achieving your goals builds velocity in your business

Meaning that the faster you gain traction for achieving your goal, the faster you achieve your goal, and the better the chance that actually does achieve it.

I hear people say things like “I really want to achieve (fill in the blank)” but there are things I can’t control that get in the way.

Those ‘things’ could be emails, texts, phone calls, your partner needs something, your kids need something.

Well, kids are almost the exception, they have no boundaries so they scream incessantly if they don’t get their way…and on and on.

But look, your goals have to be more important than those interruptions. If they are, you will do whatever it takes to avoid those interruptions.

You know the saying right’ ‘action speaks louder than words’.

You see, what you spend your time on is what is important to you.

I am sure some of you may be in real critical careers; you may be an emergency first responder so you have to check your messages when on call.  But even if you are, you have off time – right?

‘But Peter, I have to spend time with my kids, with my partner.’

Yes, you do, but isn’t it be better to spend 2 quality hours with them where you’re totally focussed on them, than spend 8 hours telling them to go away because they are interrupting you?

Wouldn’t it better to find ways to develop boundaries with your children and partner thereby spending MORE quality time with them?

Remember this…success is your choice. If whatever you are currently spending time on is more important than success…keep doing it.

But if you really want success, and you are committed to your home based business, isn’t it better to figure out how to deal with all the things that are getting in the way of your success?

The distraction of answering every email as it comes in keephome based businesss you from scaling operations to generate hundreds of thousands of subscribers instead of hundreds.

The distraction of answering every email that comes in keeps you from starting your new home based businesses, new websites, writing new emails, writing new books, creating new training.

So the question is…how important is it to you?

How important is success to you?

Is it important enough to choose to spend your time on things that matter?

What is holding you back?

What is eating away at your time?

Are you willing to go through the rest of your life allowing that “time eater” to control you, or are you going to make a change and choose what you focus on?

Being successful is so much more than just “time management” or  “writing a to-do list” or “eliminating distractions”.

It’s about choosing what you want to succeed at, and simply achieving your dreams – YOUR dreams, not the consequences of your decision to just keep allowing the things that detract and distract, to continue to run your life.

How important are your goals and your dreams?

Are you strong enough to make the hard choices – and follow through – to accomplish that dream?

I hope you are.

To help you start focusing on your home based business, click here.

It will LITERALLY FORCE YOU to make money online.