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how to find your niche

How to find your niche that will keep you motivated?

How to find your niche that will keep you motivated?

In the good old days, actually not that long ago, but even a year’s a long time in the online world you know.


Anyway, the gooroos used to recommend that you should build your business, whether that’s online or a traditional brick-and-mortar business, around your passion. ‘Follow your passion’ they’d say..

how to find your niche

Which is great, if you have a passion for public speaking, or sales and marketing, or social media, or online gaming – all these ‘passions’ have a massive following – millions of people are interested in these subjects and if you have a great passion for them, you can find a niche within a niche for yourself.

If you’d like to skip reading and want to know how you can start, click here.  But if I were you, try to read along. 🙂 

But what if you like something more quirky, maybe ‘trainspotting’ for example.

law of compounding

Now I am not for one minute knocking people who have a passion for the subject.

However, if you were thinking of starting a business with transporting as a niche, you would very likely go broke and lose a lot of time, energy and motivation.

You might be passionate to drive forward with your transporting business, but there is such a small market of interested people that it’s impossible to sell to them and create a sustainable long lasting business, even online.


So, I suggest you can follow your passion when researching your niche business, but make sure you do the right research before you decide to embark on that niche.

how to find your niche

There are a few simple steps you can do to complete the research needed to see whether the niche has longevity.


Check my next article for that piece of information.


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Always Make Time For Your Small Business Ideas

If the first step to starting your own business is a great idea, the next steps involve discipline and consistency. An idea stays that way unless there’s execution. As Casey Neistat and Gary Vaynerchuk have said, ideas are easy but execution is the hard part. Your small business ideas will not become reality if you don’t intentionally dedicate time to it.

Consistency is key.

An online business startup does not become a blockbuster hit overnight. Much like a plant, you need to water it every day to make it grow. If you stop watering it, the plant dies out.

Certainly, your goal is to make your business grow. In order to achieve that, you have to put in the work every single day, no matter how you feel about it. Do the work anyway, and later on, small victories will reward you.

online business startup

Find a good time every day.

For most people, this would be after office hours, which is 5pm onwards. Set a definite time period each day, for example 6-9pm. You can put in more or fewer hours; it’s up to your level of determination. If you want to do it right after you exit your day job each day, that’s good too. What’s important is to find a time when you are most productive outside of your day job.

first step to starting your own business

Focus that time solely for executing on your small business ideas.

With so much content competing for our attention, it’s so easy to get distracted. During your set time, drown out all that noise. Put your phone on “do not disturb” for a few hours. Focus on what you have planned to do for the day. Take those small business ideas you have on paper, and make them happen. After your designated time, you can always reward yourself with your favourite distractions.

small business ideas

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small business ideas

Small Business Ideas: You need a coach or a mentor

Small Business Ideas: You need a coach or a mentor

Hey everybody – having a great day?


Now, there’s an old saying I drag out from time to time and it’s this…


‘Those that can – DO, those that can’t TEACH, those that INSPIRE you – mentor!


The easiest way to describe a mentor is someone who you admire, inspires you would be a role model for you. It’s possible to have several mentors and have never met any one of them. HINT: if you do have mentors (who are alive) you should think about including a goal of actually meeting them.

small business ideas

I have several mentors, some are people I have worked with, some are friends and some I’ve not met yet. Each one brings different qualities to my life and inspire me and encourage me in different ways. They also provide wisdom and experience.


I’ve also been told that I inspire other people too, in different ways and at different levels of course, but mentor nonetheless.


Does that make me a great person – hell NO! No one’s perfect, but that shouldn’t stop you trying.


EVERY successful person has mentors, every successful person has a coach – some even several.

you need a coach or a mentor


So people say to me – ‘a coach is just a teacher anyway, so by your rule a teacher can’t do what he teaches, so neither can a coach’ My response to that is..


A teacher passes on the facts and knowledge of his subject matter that he/she has studied for and learned, not by doing or having done the subject that they teach.

Now that’s obvious in subjects such as history (it’s very unlikely a history teacher will have ‘done’ anything indirect relation to the subject). But, some subjects do lend themselves to teachers with experience who have done what they are now teaching. These teachers are almost certainly going to be coaches even though they are  categorised as teachers in the education system.


You can spot the difference; a teacher focuses on him/herself – it’s about delivering the subject matter and the student must learn it. A coach focuses on the success of the student; the coach will lead through experience, setting tasks, leading by example, learning by doing.


I do coach from time to time, I never teach. I also have coaches depending on what skills I need to improve on. As like a mentor, these can be real physical relationships or through virtual contact, through online courses or video calls.


If you two want to be successful you should look at the skills you want to improve on and decide which one(s) to work on first, then get a coach who can help.


If you’re looking to start your first online business and want to do it on a budget, I’ve partnered with a very successful online entrepreneur, follow the link here ( ) and take a look.


Until next time.

first step to starting your own business

A Simple Trick to Avoid Being Overwhelmed by Your Big Goals

Goal setting is one very valuable first step to starting your own business. It gives you an idea what you want to achieve, as well as when you want to achieve them. Goals are what drive the growth of your online business startup, and they are what keep you going despite the hurdles.

At first, setting goals is a really exciting prospect, so you would tend to go for big, long-term goals immediately. For example, earn £100,000 per month after a year. While it has the answers to “what” and “when”, the goal just seems to lofty. As of the moment, it sounds unreachable.

What should you do?

online business startup

Break down your big goals into smaller ones.

That keeps yourself on track with your small business ideas. Big goals tend to overwhelm you, but smaller, easily-achievable ones offer a sigh of relief. To use a food analogy, bite-sized cuts of steak are much easier to eat than one big T-bone.

To use the “£100,000 per month after a year” example, you may set a smaller goal for the first month, like “have two new signups per day to my newsletter”. These leads may turn into sales, which in turn would bring profits. The next month, you could adjust this into a bigger number, and a much bigger number two months after, and so on.

small business ideas

Make goals that you can attain daily.

Notice that the small goal above includes the words “per day”. With that, you can turn it into a regular part of your daily to-do list. At the end of the day, you can check it off along with the other tasks you have done. Doing this is a neat psychological trick that makes you feel more productive. Also, daily goals are not burdensome. Rather, they are very achievable, and so they won’t cause you much stress.

Watch as you get closer to hitting your big goals.

If you are consistent in meeting the small, daily goals, the law of compounding takes over. Next thing you know, your online business startup is already hitting £100,000 per month. The best part about this is you won’t even notice. Why? You are too focused on achieving your small daily goals. An added effect is you tend to forget about the stress brought about by the big, lofty goal.

first step to starting your own business


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careers that will stay

8 occupations that will be still be here in 20 years

8 occupations that will still be here in 20 years

Hey, don’t despair, I probably made a few of you cry in to your beer (or wine) the last time we talked about the future occupations – or rather those that won’t be around much longer.

So I thought I’d (try) and inspire you with 8 careers that will be around for along time…

careers that will stay

Jobs button on keyboard

#1 – Lawyers, who’d have guessed it, even with the progress of machine learning, until such time as the justice system decides humans can’t be relied upon to judge their peers. We will still need lawyers to argue the case in a court of law in front of human judges and twelve good wo(men).

#2 – Specialist physicians and surgeons, it’s a long way off before humankind will hand over physical intrusive operations on humans me thinks.

#3 – Registered nurses – yep, again AI is a long way off being able to have a good bedside manner (then again – have you met my doctor?), no robots won’t be watching over you – just yet.

8 occupations that will stay

#4 – Systems / App developers – almost any IT related careers will be safe for a few decades yet.

#5 – Creative careers – almost anything ‘arty’ will be a great career in the future, thespians and painters, performers will always be needed to entertain. Let’s face it who want to watch movies with CGI and AI generated characters and scenes… oh hold on erm……

#6 – Dentists – I don’t know about you, but I’m not ready to let a machine loose on my teeth and gums thank you very much.

#7 – Marketeers – yippee, we’re safe (for now) as people’s tastes and interests change there’ll be demand for more and more information or products that match those trends, we’re here for the long haul people.

8 occupations

#8 – Hackers – I don’t mean those blackhat / dark web characters, no there’s already a growing demand for ethical hackers in the modern world. This won’t go away any day soon – count on it.

There you are, so you can sleep soundly at night knowing at least there’s still a need for some people to work. But you should seriously consider how you can future proof yourself, your financial independence and security in the future. Don’t rely on this job or any future job, create multiple income streams.

If you’re serious about starting an online business and want an entry-level coaching course, I’ve partnered with one of the most successful internet millionaires there is, go here and take a look here.

Catch you later….

8 occupations that won’t exist by 2030

8 occupations that won’t exist by 2030

8 occupations that won’t exist by 2030? 8 jobs gone in 2030? What is this all about, Pete?

Hope you are doing well and all is rosy in your garden?

8 jobs gone in 2030

Well here’s a sobering thought, as the kids break up for the summer and get ready to return to school to study hard for that great career they are hoping to have, just take a look at the list of careers that technology (robots, AI, machine learning) will be replacing within the next 12 years.


I make no excuses or apologies for sharing this list and it’s NOT the only careers that will disappear from the face of the earth.


Don’t get me wrong, of course an education is important – if nothing else it gives direction and some level of discipline and focus (and a break from the online gaming community).

8 occupations that won’t exist by 2030

I’m all for learning, for me everyday is (still) a school day,  but you must always have a plan B.


So if you’re career is on the line – oops sorry, I mean list, you need a Plan B and that plan B should include your own income stream(s) that are not reliant on someone else paying for your time.


That said – here’s the list:


  1. Travel Agents – I don’t remember the last time I needed a travel agent to book my travel arrangements.
  2. Cashiers (or cash for that matter) – get used to it; “unexpected item in bagging area” is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable.
  3. Librarians – assuming people still want to lug the printed word (and those lovely pictures) around in a thick paper, or leather, bound cover, machines will be far more efficient at cataloguing and returning them to their shelves. Just a thought, not sure I’d want a late return RoboCop type librarian chasing me down for the fine, would you?
  4. Post Men (and Women) or is it Post Person now? Either way, the drones are coming, no longer the whistle or hum of an out of tune human, just the drone of the drone (see what I did there?)
  5. Sporting Officials, goal line technology, VAR, 365 degree video surveillance, who needs humans to make the wrong decision on a penalty or give the card to the wrong player? I do wonder though if a machine will spot the subtleties of a Neymar ‘simulation’.
  6. Sewing Machinist – no more snagged stitching on your $500 suit.
  7. Customer Service Agents – I’m sorry, get used to it, the good news is – no more ‘you are number 7 in the queue – please hold the line your call is important to us’ but; ‘enter 1 for sales, enter 2 for balance, enter 3 for ………. enter #99•47 for change of address…’
  8. Airline pilots, I don’t know about you – but that’s the scariest of them all.


There you have it, as I say, not an exhaustive list, but a few on there you may not have thought about.

occupations that won’t exist by 2030

Don’t have sleepless night, there’s new careers coming up everyday (if you really want one), until next time.

mind your own business

A Compelling Reason to Block Out Time For Your Tasks

Running an online business startup from home is great. No need for a stressful rush hour commute, and no need to rouse yourself out of bed too early. You can wake up anytime you want and feel more rested. You can also enjoy your breakfast a lot more, knowing that you aren’t in a rush.

But once you’re at your desk, you notice something. This something is what stresses you out at the beginning of your workday. Your whiteboard is full of “to-dos” just waiting to be ticked off.

start a small business in the UK

You are then overwhelmed with all the things to be done.

The consequences of being overwhelmed are staggering. For one, you don’t know where to begin. Which task should be done first? Which ones take first priority? Should the difficult tasks go first, or should the easy ones? And how about those new small business ideas you want to implement?

The entire thought process of figuring what to do first becomes too much of a burden on your brain. Before you know it, you’ve already wasted one hour just trying to determine what to work on first. If this happens every single day, you’re looking at five hours per week thrown out the window. Worse still, you may end up unconsciously procrastinating.

Thankfully, there is a very simple solution to this conundrum.


the 60-day challenge

Block out time for each task.

For example, you can dedicate one hour to answering emailssay from 9-10 AM. Then, from 10 AM to 12 noon, finish up the project that is due later in the afternoon. Give yourself an hour for lunch and a quick nap, then continue from 1 PM onwards.

Basically, it’s about estimating how many hours you would take to finish each task, then scheduling them accordingly. For more precision, you may also choose to schedule using 30-minute blocks. Put each task on appropriate time blocks on your whiteboard, then tick them off once done. A spreadsheet also works wonders, and is easier too.

Make sure to do it every workday.


online business startup

Watch your online business startup soar in productivity.

Giving each task a specific time frame somehow forces you to focus on just one task at a time. This is a lot better than multitasking, where you switch from one task to another in the hopes of “being more productive”. Truth is you’re being a lot less productive that way. It’s only an illusion. The human brain is designed to focus on only one task at a time.

By doing this, you will see yourself tick off more tasks from your to-do list at the end of each day. You’ll get more things done with less stress.

If you are interested in creating an online business startup but have no clue where to start, you should download my FREE EBOOK below to get a list of small business ideas that you can later try out.

shiny object syndrome cure

Shiny Object Syndrome? Here’s The SOS Cure

Shiny Object Syndrome? Here’s The SOS Cure

It’s Tuesday, nearly the weekend! Not really, but let’s say its Friday. Guess what, when you are financially free and independent from a job, everyday will be like a Friday…

sos cure

Anyway I digress,

Last time we chatted (well I chatted you read) I talked about Shiny Object Syndrome and the symptoms of it. I promised I’d help you fight the SOS ‘addiction’ so here it is….




Ha ha, gotcha! Wait wait, that’s just me kidding around (well almost) as always with me there’s always a follow through / follow-up line.


DON’T BUY the SHINY OBJECT see if you can find it’s older brother / sister, it may even be free!


What the heck do you mean Peter? Some of you will be thinking (I don’t know what you others are thinking though).


Let me explain, so if you don’t recall the symptoms and stages of SOS go back to my previous newsletter and have a quick read, I can wait (well virtually in the cloud I can……)


Okay, back? Good.


This is what you do…. so the shiny object is called what? Let’s say it’s ‘Silver Bullet Widget SEO’ (You watch that’ll be a product on JVZoo in 90 days…)


By the way, if you want to be mentored on how to create and launch a product to market in 90 days – get in contact with me!

shiny object syndrome

Right, so you know it’s SEO right (duh – yea!)


Now go watch their sales video and read the sales page, if there’s a demo video of the product watch that too.


While you’re watching look for the features and big problem that the product is solving.


When you have your list you do the following…


Go and search for those features and problems online. So use the the features as part of the search term along with SEO, look for the problem, but in the form of a question.. ‘how can I <problem>’…


‘Why can’t I <problem>’, or, ‘best ways to stop / solve <problem>’ or ‘system to <problem> for SEO’


The results you’ll get back will likely include the product (it better do as the product is the silver bullet SEO !!! LOL ), but also in those search results will be some golden nuggets.


beyonce golden shiny object syndrome

Chances are you may well find a free older version of the one you were about to purchase, or just as likely a similar product that’s quite mature in it’s lifecycle but still available, potentially for less.


If you find yourself in this situation and you follow my ‘treatment’ let me know how you get on.


Until next time….


the 60-day challenge

MYOB Journal week #2 – The 60 Day Challenge

MYOB Journal week #2 – The 60 Day Challenge

Hi There, having a good weekend?

Enjoying the World Cup?

60 day challenge

I know I am, but not just because of the great football, but for the financial gains I’ve  made. But hey, you don’t wanna hear about that, you’re here for the Mind Your Own Business weekly journal update.


So last week you’ll recall I invested in the ‘Online Marketing Classroom’ the creators being; Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. If you’ve never heard of those chaps (that’s British for ‘guys’ by the way) just use your favorite search engine and google ‘em.


So, come on Pete, how was week 2 then?


Alright, patience….


Week 2, which is actually the first week of diving into the member’s area. To be honest I was blown away (not literally you understand) by how much resources there is in the members area.


I would say if you’re a newbie there’s almost too much (except we all know there’s no such thing as ‘too much’ of anything – right?). There are so many alternate ways that you can use to start your online business, from ecommerce, to digital agencies, to affiliate marketing.

mind your own business

There’s even great tools that will help find that niche you so desperately want to get started in, tools to help build sales pages and I do mean SALES pages, they are pretty much plug and play. Every tool, every strategy has extensive online video training to go with it, along with downloadable guides and cheat sheets to help you get started.


The first thing these chaps suggest you do is take a long hard look at yourself and your situation where you are now, then taking that forward into where you want to be, including building a business plan that will take your ‘on paper’ idea into a full blown income generating online business.


So that’s how I started my week, going through the members area, browsing the subjects and strategies that I found immediately interesting then selecting the strategy that best fits my business plan, along with the underlying point that I was approaching this as if this was my first experience of online business. On that basis I’ve started on one of the programmes called The 60 Day Challenge, you can find this inside the members area once you have subscribed.

the 60-day challenge

So, my first 7 days of the 60 day challenge will be spent selecting the niche and the product I want in order to sell that product and start to see money coming in. I’ll let you know how I progress in next weeks (#3) article.


Remember if you want to learn more about the product support I’ve subscribed to, then click on the links below to watch a free webinar, alternatively visit the product home page for an overview of the programme itself. Until next time, thanks for reading.


Fee webinar here:


Home Page here:


Have you got SOS?

Straightforward question..


Have you got SOS? Well chances are if you are in the throes of starting your own home-based business, especially if it’s an online based business, you will have fallen prone to SOS.


You’ll know the symptoms; you search for something relating to your niche


if you’re asking yourself “what’s a niche” – we need to talk, so get in contact with me!


And BAM!


Right there near the top of page 1 of the results is “This Game Changer will push your business in to overdrive” or some other exciting headline.


So before you know it, you’ve clicked the link, started reading the sales page, scrolling down while the sales video is playing – now come on, we’ve all done it!


And there is it is your special offer – only whilst you are visiting this site today, get your hands on the Silver Bullet Widget to riches all for just $27 !!!!!!


OMG you say to yourself, this is IT, this will change my world overnight – and you hit pay.


If you didn’t know already, those are the symptoms of SOS, the Shiny Object Syndrome.


Don’t worry it’s not your fault, even now I still have to catch myself following that exact same route, the difference now is, I am not so green as I am cabbage looking (do I really look like a cabbage?)

shiny object syndrome

I’m wise to this and I’m aware of what my brain is trying to lead me in to. It’s certainly not as bad as some addiction like alcohol or drugs, but the sensations are very similar, you get really highly excited, then you come down real quick.


Then before you know it you’re subconsciously chasing the next shiny object, which you’ll justify the investment by convincing yourself it’ll turn your business around.


Well time for some cold hard truth – you can invest in EVERY tool out there, but the biggest thing holding your business back from success will NOT be having the latest tools, it will be …… (drum roll please)……………






But before you sink into the chair and start wishing you’d never tried to become financially free, I have the antidote……


Oh look.. is that the time, sorry I have to go, but I promise I’ll tell you how to save yourself from SOS and STILL build your business, look out for my next article.


Until next time then……….