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Clickbank UK: 3 Vital Statistics To Look Out For [Video]

Welcome to the 2nd week of the video series on Clickbank UK. Last week, I taught you how to use categories to pick products. Now, let’s have a look at three vital stats to look out for when picking out products.



Again, those three vital stats, and the rules of thumb for each, are:


1. Gravity

How well the product is selling. This is calculated by Clickbank algorithms based on how many affiliates successfully received commissions from the product’s sales. Choose those that have gravities of 50 or higher.

Too high though, and you’ll face too stiff a competition. Just like in real life, this gravity can kill your gains when they fall from too high above. More on this in next week’s video.


2. Avg $/sale

This is how much commission you stand to earn per sale of the product. Pick ones that can give you $13 or more.


3. Avg %/sale

This is the percentage of commission you receive from each sale of the product. Choose ones that have 25% or more.


There you have it. Those are the three most important Clickbank UK statistics to watch out for. Has this helped you choose the right product for you? Let us know by leaving a comment down below. And of course, come back next week for another video tip on the Gravity stat.


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