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Clickbank UK: What Exactly is Affiliate Marketing? [Video]

I’ve been talking a lot about Clickbank UK recently: how to pick products, using statistics, and even understanding that thing called “Gravity”. I’m quite confident you learned a lot of things that you can apply to your own UK online business. But I haven’t told you yet what “affiliate marketing” really is.

But some of you may be still wondering, “What on Earth is affiliate marketing?” Or, “How do I make money online from affiliate marketing?” If you’re one of those people, this video gives you the answers.



So there you have it. Affiliate marketing in a nutshell. It’s basically a way of earning passive income, because your affiliate links are always there. Even if you’re not actively watching over it, the affiliate link can still make sales, and thus give you commissions. The more products you promote, the more your potential earnings.

But of course there is something you need to remember when doing affiliate marketing using Clickbank UK. First, make sure the products you promote are relevant to your niche. And second, make sure to pick products offering high commissions. Of course, you’d want to make as much as you can as an affiliate.


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Let’s say you run a photography website. With that, you can be an affiliate for relevant products like cameras, lenses, and drones. Don’t bother promoting products that are well outside your niche, such as makeup or real estate. You won’t come off as a credible source for them. It’s much better to stick with products relevant to photography.

Certainly, you also want to choose the products that offer higher commissions so you can earn more. One of the statistics Clickbank UK shows you is exactly that – how much commission you can get from the product. As a benchmark, choose those offering commissions of $13 or more.

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