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Know More About Clickbank Sellers with Vendor Spotlight

Clickbank has a great selection of products to promote. With thousands of products, affiliates won’t have any shortage of choices. But not all sellers are known and trustworthy.


This is where Vendor Spotlight comes in.

affiliate marketing UK clickbank vendor spotlight


This nifty feature in Clickbank allows sellers to create their personal profile for affiliates to check out. In the Vendor Spotlight, you will see the following information:

  • Images of products
  • Sales statistics
  • Spot adverts (to serve as a guide for affiliates)
  • Your recommended sellers
  • Links to resources for affiliates

Sellers having vendor spotlights tend to appear more legitimate, and even more so when their spotlights contain much useful information. Those who take the time to fill in their vendor spotlights are the ones who are really serious about the stuff they’re selling. Affiliates will less likely think of them as scammers as well.

Additionally, sellers can use their vendor spotlights to communicate with affiliates. Sellers can give out announcements about new products, tips for affiliates in promoting their products, and any changes to present products. This makes life easier for affiliates, and in turn, more affiliates would want to promote those sellers’ products.


How would you know which sellers feature Vendor Spotlights?

Well, Clickbank makes it quite easy. When you’re browsing for products in the affiliate marketplace, all you need to do is to look for this icon and a link that says “Vendor Spotlight”, right below the PROMOTE button:

affiliate marketing UK Clickbank vendor spotlight

You can then visit the seller’s vendor spotlight to get more information about them. However, do take note that not all vendor spotlights are created equally. Some may be more informative than others, and so it’s best to look for the most informative ones. The more you know about the seller, the more likely you’ll trust the quality and profitability of their products.


Clickbank also has another statistic you should look into. It’s proper helpful in deciding which product to promote. Gravity is the name, and this video tells you more about it.


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