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Ever Wondered What “Cloud Computing” is About?

Have you heard of the phrase “cloud computing”? To many people it seems like another of those buzzwords that the tech industry likes to throw out. To be honest, though, it is. But it’s not the typical word that just makes someone sound smart.

So what does cloud computing mean?

The “cloud” is the word of choice of tech people when referring to the internet. So cloud computing refers to most online products and services today. They store and process data in servers accessed through the internet. In other words, they are on-demand – meaning you can access them anywhere, at any time. And thanks to mobile technology, you can now access them on any device, whether it’s a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

As an added benefit, you don’t need to have the most powerful computer for cloud computing products and services. The companies offering them are the ones who have the powerful computers. They do the heavy lifting, so all your computer has to do is provide the input and receive the final output. The input data from your computer, as well as the output data from the companies’ computers, are exchanged with each other through the internet. Mathematica’s Wolfram Alpha is a great example of the power of cloud computing in action.

Also, if you’re dealing with lots of data, your computer does not need to have a lot of storage space. There are services like Dropbox and Google Drive that act as so-called “cloud storage”. Just upload your files to their servers, and they’ll be stored there, ready for access on any device. It’s also a way for collaborators to have access to the same files. And, of course, cloud storage is quite a popular method of data backup these days.

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We all benefit from cloud computing one way or another.

In fact, nearly all mobile apps we use utilise cloud computing technology. Uber, PayPal, Google Maps, Amazon Kindle, Twitter, Instagram, you name it. Their data is stored online in their servers, and we regularly upload and download data from those servers.

If you order pizza (or anything, really) online, that’s thanks to cloud computing as well. You just input your order, address, and payment information; the computers of the delivery service handle the rest. Sometimes, you can even track your order in real-time.

You could even find work online, through services like Upwork or Fiverr. Just post your skills and credentials, and it’s available for employers to see. Once an employer finds you interesting, they can then talk to you through Skype, which is another cloud computing service.

Let’s say you’re good in designing logos using Adobe Photoshop. You can “sell” your skills in upwork or Fiverr, then just build up your reputation as you work with different clients. As clients give you ratings, you may eventually raise your rates and get better-paying clients.

Do this often enough, and it could be the beginning of a profitable home business in the UK.

When the time comes, you could even do away with Upwork and Fiverr altogether! If you work well, and your clients put much trust in you, their word of mouth will be your biggest advertising machine.

Cloud-based services most of the time require user accounts. This means you have to log in more often than not. To keep your accounts safe, watch this video for a simple tip in online security.

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