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2 More Cloud Services Your Online Business Shouldn’t Do Without

Last time, I talked about three essential Google services for your online business in the UK. These services are free and very functional, and nearly everybody is using them. But of course, Google does not have a monopoly on all cloud services. There are others worth looking at (and using) as well.

Online businesses with team members working remotely definitely need services like these. Collaboration and communication are important parts of any business. For online businesses, these services will allow you and your team to do so anywhere you may be in the world. Don’t run your online business without these cloud services.


Evernote (Collaborate)

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Evernote is a great piece of software not just for taking notes, but also for putting your best ideas forward. And it isn’t a simple note-taker where you can just type text; you can also add images, snippets from the web, and even handwriting. Evernote also has a mobile app, so you can take your notes wherever you go. The handwriting feature also comes in handy (no pun intended) with mobile devices.

An app like this is especially helpful for those serendipitous ideas that just come to your head. Whether you’re taking a walk in the park, having your morning coffee, or waiting for a train, just whip out the mobile app and get that idea out of your head and into those notes. Never forget a potentially great idea again!

Of course, Evernote also allows you to share your notes with others, where they can contribute their own ideas as well. Two (or more) heads are always better than one, and this cloud service makes that even easier and more convenient.

Slack (Communicate)

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Despite its name, this service is definitely not for those who love to slack off. Rather, it’s for those who work hard to build a good business.

Slack essentially allows your team to have its very own chat room. You can create different channels for different departments of your business, e.g. one for web developers, another for designers, and another for social media managers. In each channel, you have control of who the members are, so only relevant messages go to each person. Additionally, there’s also a feature that lets people chat one-on-one, so no need to worry about those “just between the two of us” stuff getting leaked. You can even create different channels for different projects. It’s up to you how to classify each channel. Slack also allows you to share files with each other, without using any separate file servers. And yet another very helpful feature is chat search – no need to back-scroll through weeks or months worth of chats. Just use the search function, and you’ll get to that conversation right away.

As with any modern cloud service, Slack also features a mobile app, so you can access it anywhere you may be. Never let miscommunication (or a lack of communication) bring you down again.




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