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3 Kinds of “Con-tent” Not Worth Creating

Writing content about your niche is an important part of affiliate marketing. It educates your audience about your niche, and eventually, your content will establish you as an authority on your niche. This is called content marketing.


But you should not write just anything for the sake of filling your site.

bad content marketing

Good content marketing, according to Barry Feldman of the iAcquire Blog, connects and converts. They have to resonate with your customers, giving them valuable information (connect). Also, they have to be able to drive profitable actions, like purchases (convert).

If your content fails to connect and convert, Feldman calls this nontentBecause essentially, there is nothing of value in it. I, on the other hand, call it Con-tent, because you’re not just doing nothing; you’re actually conning people into thinking that this is valuable information.

The internet is already crowded with information. Don’t waste the time of your audience any further with con-tent. Some examples of which are:


1.  Clickbait Headlines

affiliate marketing clickbait

Sure, your article might be very well-written and packed with useful information. But how you share it on social media, forums, and other sites is equally important. Does the article deliver the promise of the headline? If it doesn’t, people will instantly lose trust in you and your business. All it takes is one piece of clickbait.

Consider this as an example. Say you wrote an article about simple home exercises for weight loss, and the workout routine runs for at least three months. Do not ever share it with headlines such as these:

  1. Here’s how you can go from round to buff in just a few months!
  2. You have to check out this no-sweat way of losing weight!
  3. This is how you can lose weight without a diet!

Let’s go over these headlines one by one, and see what’s wrong with them. Number 1 is misleading. It overpromises, but underdelivers. Your article is just about a weight loss workout, not an intense, muscle-building one. Therefore, it won’t make people “buff”. Number 2 is obviously false. Exercising will make you sweat, one way or another. And number 3 is also not true. Every effective weight loss routine requires controlling what food one eats. Exercise and diet always go hand-in-hand.

The rule of thumb is this: Whatever is in the headline must also be in the article. Don’t pretend it has more.


2.  Nothing but self-promotion

home business ideas in the uk

This applies to any sort of content – videos, articles, images, infographics, slide decks, everything. When everything that’s in there is just card-stacking – in other words, it’s all about you, your company, your products, and more of you – it’s bad content. It’s even worse if it’s used in tandem with a clickbait headline.

Listen. If you have nothing of value to offer your audience with a piece of content you’re creating, then don’t bother making it in the first place. That’s not how content marketing works. If you’re just doing that to “fill in the gaps”, that is called spam. And spam is con-tent.

Self-promotion isn’t all bad, though. Just don’t make that the main objective of your content marketing strategy. Your main goal should be providing information that’s important for your audience. Educate them, tell them something they don’t know but should know. Then you can promote your products and services afterwards.


3.  Blogspam

affiliate marketing UK spam

This is when you fill your site with links to other articles instead of coming up with your own. The problem with blogspam is clear: It isn’t your content, so what does it do for your blog or site? If anything, it only promotes the original authors and their businesses.

Laziness will not cut it in content marketing. You have to do your part. Writing original content is a test of your knowledge about your niche. If you have a lot of original content to share, it gives your audience the idea that you really do know a lot about your niche. If you don’t, people won’t trust you. They’ll think you’re just a pretender. If that isn’t the truth, you’ll have to prove it to your audience.

Now don’t get me wrong. Linking to other sites can also be a good thing. In fact, I just did it in this article (check the 3rd paragraph). Crediting others’ work that you used as a reference is always necessary.

The point is, it should not end there. Gather up your own ideas as well, and build upon the research you did. Come up with your own work.



In the highly-competitive world of online business, good content marketing is important. Some marketers even go by the adage “content is king”. And it’s true: if your content fails to connect and convert, your business suffers. So make valuable content all the time. If you’re doing so already, excellent job!


Speaking of conning people, there are some affiliate marketing networks that do exactly that. How do you avoid them? Watch this video for two things to watch out for.


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