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Content Marketing Is Not Just About Blogging

Content marketing isn’t dead in 2017. It can still be a useful technique for your online business in the UK. As long as the internet exists, content will always have its place. People will continue scouring the web for the best content that satisfies their curiosities.

For a lot of people, content marketing means writing blog posts.

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You can tell through the many blogs that turn up in your Google search pages, covering nearly everything. Technology, health, business, entertainment, you name it. Even content marketing in itself is a niche. Even big-ticket multinational corporations have their own blogs in their websites. Everyone is in on the trend.

Why? Simply because people want information. And blogs are good in that they do exactly that: provide readers with the information they need.

Additionally, people can even monetise their blogs, earning passive income from their writing. But that’s for another topic entirely.

However, content marketing should not be restricted to blogging alone.

While writing articles and blog posts is still a good thing, you must take note of one thing. People have short attention spans. A lot of them don’t like reading very long articles. Doing that takes a lot of their time. With that in mind, spice it up with other forms of content.



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You could make infographics, for one. People like them a lot because visuals are a lot more engaging than just words. Especially when you’re presenting data and statistics, an infographic is an excellent medium to use. They’re easy to absorb and quicker to read than regular blog posts. And because they are a lot more engaging, they get shared a lot more as well.



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Video is also a great medium to deliver your content. More than just static images, video content is a lot more animated and feels more lively. Plus, it also has audio. With that, you cover two human senses – sight and hearing – with just one piece of content. Even short videos (1-3 minutes) are quite effective in driving home your point to your audience. Again, as with infographics, because videos are exciting to watch, they get shared more too.

And you don’t even need a professional-grade camera; you already have something in your pocket. Modern smartphone cameras have become so advanced that they can be enough to create your own video content. So film away!

Another good thing about video is that you can somehow “talk to your audience”. Just record yourself talking in front of a camera, and it when people watch your video it will seem like you’re talking to them. Doing this adds a personal touch to your content. Also, people like to see who’s behind all the content. You’ll build better connections with your audience if they can see and hear you. Though they may not see you in person, at least they can see your face and hear your voice. That means a lot.



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Sometimes video isn’t too ideal, especially when people are browsing using mobile data. HD video is quite demanding on data, and if your audience have to constantly watch videos on mobile, they’ll rake in an alarmingly huge phone bill. To get around that, you need a different content format that isn’t too large in terms of file sizes.

Thankfully there is an answer: podcasts. They are recordings of just your voice, so they’re a lot smaller than videos, and hence a lot easier on data plans. Another good thing about this is versatility: people can listen to podcasts even while driving, walking, cooking, cleaning the house, etc. They don’t have to focus their eyes on their phone screens, so they’re free to do other things.

Similar to videos, you can create podcasts on your smartphone. However, audio is a different thing, because for many phones, their audio recording hardware is not really good. To get better audio, you may attach an external microphone to the audio jack of your phone, and then record from there. Lavalier microphones work nicely because they’re positioned so close to your mouth, capturing your voice clearly. If you’d rather not spend that much on a lavalier, then you can use the mic on your earphones (if it has one) as well. Just tape or clip it onto your shirt so it doesn’t move around (if it does, you’ll get much noise in your recording).


In this age where you can find everything on Google, content marketing is certainly alive and well. But because technology is more advanced now, content is no longer limited to just words. Though blogging still has it’s place, and it certainly isn’t obsolete, more than ever you must take advantage of the ever easier ways to create various types of content. The goal is to engage your audience, so your content must themselves be engaging.


Speaking of which, this little infographic gives you 2 tips on engaging your customers, online and offline.


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