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2 Tips for Catchy Craigslist Ad Design [Infographic]

More eye-catching quick tips for your UK online business in today’s Wednesday Infographic! Today, we give you two tips in designing good Craigslist ads.

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Does your UK online business use Craigslist to sell stuff? If it does, then you may have experienced a whole lot of downtime with your ads. It would seem that no one likes to buy your product, or worse no one even notices your ads. If that’s the case, ask yourself this question.

Am I designing my Craigslist ads well?


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So then, are your ads concise and direct to the point? Does it give everything a customer needs to know at first glance? Additionally, does it have a simple colour scheme, and do the colours go well together? Remember that not all colours go well together! If it hurts your eyes when you look at it, then rethink the colours.

Also, does your ad have images? And if it does, did you take those pictures yourself? It has to be actual pictures of the product and not something you took from Google Images or the product’s website! The key here is being genuine. It builds trust. You want customers to trust you, so show them the real thing.

Perhaps these are the two most important aspects of a good Craigslist ad. If it doesn’t catch people’s attention quickly, then no one would care about it. For your next Craigslist ads, follow these tips and people will surely take notice.

But that’s not all! We have 3 more tips on maximising your Craigslist ads for you. Come back on Friday to see them!


Just a small announcement. In the coming weeks, in addition to Wednesdays, we will also release a nifty infographic on Fridays! Now that gives you another good reason to Thank God It’s Friday.


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