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Why Should You Ask Your Customers for Testimonials?

Remember how product reviews can help you as an affiliate? The idea is to educate people and make them trust the product, because they trust you. That’s the power of social proof.


How about taking it a step further? Add in more social proof through your customers.

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More than yourself, your customers are your greatest assets for promoting your products. You convinced them to buy, and they were satisfied. With them on your side, you now have a bigger “marketing team”. What sort of marketing will they have to do? Simple: just ask them to write testimonials.


Customer testimonials are powerful motivators, sometimes even more than product reviews.

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They take the element of bias entirely out of the picture, because they come from people entirely unaffiliated with the product. Compare this with a product review that an affiliate wrote. Some people may still think the review has some bias, just because the affiliate’s goal is to sell the product. Customers, on the other hand, do not have the same goal. They’re just sharing their good experience with the product.


Testimonials are also much easier to write.

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Asking your satisfied customers for testimonials is not asking them to write a detailed review. It can be as short as three sentences. Ask your customers to keep them as short as possible, so you can show more testimonials in one page. But of course, set some guidelines as well, so they don’t just say vagaries such as “I really loved this product!” (and nothing else). To avoid those spammy comments, you could set guide questions like these:

  1. What do you like the most about the product?
  2. Is it worth the price?
  3. How much would you rate it on a scale of 1-10?

Don’t ask for too much of your customers’ time. Make it simple, so that the testimonials they write are memorable.



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Not to say that product reviews are useless, though.

product review social proof

Of course, product reviews are still quite helpful. For one, they are a lot more detailed than testimonials. Reviews can inform potential buyers of all aspects of a product. There is a lot of critical information in reviews that customers look for, so it’s always a good idea for affiliates to write reviews.

Rather, reviews and testimonials should be used hand-in-hand. Both of them provide social proof of a product’s quality and unique features. Social proof builds trust, and in turn, trust convinces more people want to buy the product.



Speaking of product reviews, go ahead and watch this video to know the basics of what should go into a review.



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