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3 Reasons for Affiliates to Promote Digital Products

Let’s say you have just joined an affiliate marketplace such as Clickbank UK. You would then browse through the marketplace to find products to promote. But you find out that there are just so many! Now what?

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You may then tell yourself, “There must be a kind of product that really sells well for affiliates.” Well, there is. What you’re looking for are digital products. And I don’t mean electronics like phones and tablets; rather, products that come in a digital format, like ebooks, online courses, video, online services, and software.

Now you might be thinking that because they’re not physical products, they’re cheap. That means they don’t have particularly high returns. Well, not necessarily. Digital products are your best bet for three reasons.


No Cost of Reproduction

Unlike physical products, digital products practically need no mass production. Once they’re made, you can immediately sell them to multiple customers. This dramatically reduces the cost of producing these materials. Because of that, they will really be cheaper than physical products. Take a look at some examples of books from the Amazon store:

  1. 1984 (George Orwell):  $10.76 (paperback) vs. $0.99 (ebook)
  2. The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership (John Maxwell):  $14.59 (paperback) vs. $9.99 (ebook)
  3. Guinness World Records 2017:  $21.25 (hardcover) vs. $8.15 (ebook)

UK affiliate marketers ebooks

Ebooks in particular are popular not just because they’re cheaper, but they’re more convenient as well. People can use their phones, tablets, or (if they have one) e-readers to store hundreds of books. To add to the convenience, these devices are even much lighter than one physical book.

For creators, digital formats are also quite popular since they’re easier to publish. For example, authors can use such tools as Amazon’s self-publishing service for their work. No more costly printing, binding, and distribution to bookstores. Their content can be uploaded into the online stores in just a few days, and the reach is global. And, let’s not forget, sellers will never run out of stock with digital products.

Speaking of distribution…


Easy to Distribute

Digital products are far easier to distribute than physical products, as mentioned earlier in the case of ebooks. For creators, all they have to do is upload their content into an online store. On the other hand, for customers, all they have to do is pay for the product and download it afterwards. No need to go to a store or have a courier deliver the product to their front door.

Because of that, sellers also save a lot of money by eliminating shipping costs, packaging, customs duties, and so on. There’s also virtually no export restrictions for digital products. That means content creators can sell their products to anywhere in the world. With lower costs of production and a global market, creators stand to earn much more from digital product formats.

UK affiliate marketers digital products

Now you might be thinking, “Those only benefit the sellers. How does it benefit affiliate marketers?” The answer is…


Higher Commissions

With digital products being quite easy to produce and distribute, sellers can afford to give high commissions to affiliates. In Clickbank UK, for example, commissions can be as high as 75% for digital products! Since affiliates help a lot with the marketing of the product, it’s in the seller’s best interest to offer high commissions. Both sides benefit in the end: the seller makes more sales thanks to affiliates, and affiliates earn more thanks to the higher commissions.

UK affiliate marketers higher commissions


Quite promising, isn’t it? Whether you’re a new UK affiliate marketer or an experienced one, it pays to add digital products to your repertoire. You won’t regret it once you see your revenues climb higher.


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