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This is Why Discipline Wins Over Motivation

Motivation is a good thing. It drives you to take action, and it keeps you going. But motivation doesn’t always compel you to follow through something to the very end. Even if it’s something important. Instead, what you need more than motivation is discipline.

You won’t always feel like doing something.

Ever heard of “bed weather”? It’s those days when you just want to stay in bed all day long. Or how about good old-fashioned laziness? That feeling of not wanting to do anything for the entire day? I’m sure we all have those days.

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But your to-do list will not wait for you. The tasks you need to finish up will not adjust to how you feel. They’ll still be around whether you like it or not. And the less you do, the more they pile up.

That’s exactly why you need discipline a lot more than motivation.



Discipline is essentially showing up every single day.

And not just showing up, but actually doing what you have to do. If you know you need to fix the accounting, do it. If you know you need to call up a client, do it. If you know you have to arrange a refund for a dissatisfied customer, do it. And so on, for each task that needs to be done.

If you’re running a UK small business, doing what needs to be done cannot depend on your feelings. If you don’t get anything done because you don’t feel like working, guess what happens?

Nothing gets done. Work piles up. Later on, sales get affected. Your revenues drop. The entire business falls under the weight of those tasks left unfinished.

Just because you didn’t feel like doing anything.

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That isn’t how you run a business.

Compare that to this. If you had just done the work no matter how you feel, then you’ll breathe a sigh of relief right after. Because you fixed the accounting, your employees are happy – they got their salaries in full, and on time. Because you called your client up to ask how they’re doing, they felt valued, and in turn you closed a deal. Because you refunded that dissatisfied customer promptly, he decided not to file a complaint, saving you heaps of legal fees. In short, the business is safe and sound, and it’s chugging along well.

All because you just did what needed to be done.

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That’s why discipline wins over motivation.

Discipline gets things done no matter what. Motivation, on the other hand, is very superficial and temporary. Motivation isn’t always there, but discipline is. Motivation is short-term; discipline is long term. And that’s a big key to success – doing things right consistently, for the long-term.


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