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If You Want to Make Money Online, Don’t Work For Free

For people doing freelance work or just starting out their online business in the UK, getting clients is indeed a challenge. Not a lot of people want to hire the new guys; many prefer those with experience. Desperation can sometimes even force you to sell yourself short.


You may even resort to offering your services for free.

There’s always those dodgy clients who would tell you “experience” or “exposure” is the price of your work. And because you’d want to get experience, often you’ll gladly oblige. It can happen to anyone – graphic designers, writers, and even web developers.

Understand, though, that this is a big mistake.

If you really want to make money online, then working for free is the opposite of what you want. Sure, you’ll get experience, but who’s going to pay the electric bill? Who’s going to pay for your lunch? It’s really that simple – you’re essentially doing business, so people should not expect to get your work for nothing at all.

If you encounter clients like that, just avoid them.

Don’t bargain or try to crawl your way through. Most of the time, those sorts of people have no respect and appreciation for your skills anyway. They just want something from you, and once they’re done they’ll just forget about you. They are not the kinds of people you want to make deals with. Essentially, they are experts at screwing people over.

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Know your worth.

Name your price. Here’s an example: If your skills as a graphic designer are worth, say £100 per project, then charge £100 per project. If some prospective clients tell you you’re too expensive, then just say no deal. They are not worth your effort. You can never make money online dealing with those kinds of people.

Some clients may also negotiate, and that’s okay. As long as they don’t put you down too low, of course. If your rate is £100, negotiating it down to, say, £95 or £90 should be fair. But if they want you to go as low as £50, then don’t bother. There are plenty of others out there willing to pay you appropriately for your skills.

But of course, there must be a balance as well.

Don’t sell yourself short, but at the same time don’t be greedy.

To give you a baseline, you can ask around your fellow freelancers. Get an idea of their rates and their skill levels, and figure out how much your services are worth. Freelancing sites like Upwork can also help. You could look over the profiles of several other freelancers in your field to give you an idea of how much they charge.

If you’re an absolute beginner, then you can’t expect to get hired if your rate is far too high. Balance it out. Start small, and as you complete more projects, increase your rate ever so slightly. As time goes by, you’ll be earning more and more, until you find yourself at the level of those at the top of their game.

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It isn’t easy. It takes time and effort.

But it will be worth it soon. Just keep on going, do your best work each time, and the money will follow. Patience and determination are always key to make money online this way.



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